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Trillion Du Jour For Parasites

by on June 12, 2020

(Left/Above: Official Hero Of International Finance/Communism, Steve Mnunich. Honestly, all these fools look the same to me, these days.)

Mnunich pumps another Trillion into ‘the economy’ (the Stock Exchange and the Banks)

Ah, yes, a few Trillion left, a few Trillion right, and before you know it, you’re talking some real money.

As the unbelievably retarded are busy bringing down statues in the name of the same financiers that are being bailed out.

It just makes you want to throw up. Many millions unemployed, their little business gone, and all the Government and Fed are doing is keep the Stock Exchange high in order to keep up the pretense that the economy is ‘fine’.

And, of course, very much worse, to keep the Banks, and wider ‘financial institutions’, afloat, who are mostly all busted. They are the ones being kept on life support with all the massive liquidity injections everywhere, even the small handouts to us, the little people, they mostly do that to keep reflating ‘the economy’ as long as possible.

Just to be clear: there is no way that this is going to end well, or can be repaired. What they’re doing now is just keeping it going as long as possible, but a ‘reset’ is inevitable, and while it will undoubtedly be sold as a ‘jubilee’, writing off some debt, this will involve concessions unbeknownst to ourselves, and it will severely impact the real economy everywhere, and also America’s standing in the World.

Were it not for Steve Mnunich and Jerome Powell, the NYSE would be sitting on at most 50% of pre March levels, and heading further South.

When the ‘reset’ happens, as we know now, we can expect more lockdowns too, because it’s much better to be mortally afraid of a virus, than doing something about the Bank.

Didn’t this laughable jackal ‘Bill Gates’ say, that this was just ‘pandemic one’, and that the next thing would be a ‘bio terror attack’? And that ‘the good news is, that a lot of what we’re doing right now (giving 4 billion people house arrest, AM) will also help a lot then’?

It could well be that next time it will not be a practice run, as this ‘corona’ joke was. God knows what these wicked morons have been cooking up in their labs. They’re capable of anything.

Because this is the endgame: their final push for World Government.

It’s hard to believe we’re now facing the culmination of a 3000 year old project. But we are.

These ‘people’/demonically possessed entities are the direct descendants of those that ruled the Bronze Age, and who got annihilated by Moses, Joshua, and Israel in 1177 BC.

They are the ones who Jesus rout out of the Temple.

They are the ones that “killed our Lord Jesus Christ, and who are contrarian to all men.”

Yes, it’s all very fascinating. But unfortunately also incredibly dangerous.

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  1. Orson permalink

    Who ruled the bronze age?

  2. Dan Capp permalink

    Succinct and hard-hitting, as you often are Anthony. Like you, I’ve been mentally preparing for ‘the final push’ for many years, but part of me assumed I would never really see it happen. I guess I was wrong and we’re now in the fight of our collective lives.

    • Thanks Dan…………and yeah, I guess the same is true for many of us, including myself. Knowing it was coming, and hoping it would not.

  3. I would love to know how to start a local usury-free currency with an Excel spreadsheet.
    My wife and I have started a barter market on our back patio,
    but are facing a difficult struggle finding ways to balance trades.
    I feel like some type of guilder or Tally Stick would move our project ahead quicker.
    Anthony, please contact me at your earliest convenience.
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    Thank you.

  4. Ashton permalink

    Praise be to God for your wonderful insight 😇
    The writing is on the wall for all of us;
    He that testifieth these things saith;
    Surely I come quickly. Amen. even so come Lord Jesus. 🙏
    Revelation 22:20

  5. You are nuts. I love it

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  6. where does Germany get the currency to put into the economy..

    do you know what form this currency takes ?

    do you know what the result of this action is ?

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