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Interview: In Case You Haven’t Noticed, This Is A Bolshevist Takeover West Wide

by on March 23, 2020

A total Bolshevist take over is taking place. West wide. Under the guise of ‘Corona’.

It’s the New World Order implementing Agenda 2030 and their ‘Communitarianism’, which is just Communism 2.0.

They are creating a double whammy on the economy: Financial Collapse, which started in September last year, with massive money printing. Back then it was 75 Billion per day. Next a few hundred billion.

Just the other day, the Fed stated they are now bailing out the repo market to the tune of……….$1 TRILLION……………….per day!!

Maybe all the new experts about ‘exponential growth’ can calculate what that is doing to the Dollar.

Meanwhile, they’re just shutting down the real economy. Just destroying the livelihoods of millions of people all over the West, locking down entire sectors, offering 1000 bucks (1500 Euro’s in Holland) to make ends meet in the months ahead in exchange.

Aren’t they great? Is Big Brother not reaching out? Is it any wonder that the multitude are very grateful? Getting saved from The Bug, and next getting a hand out too?

Sadly, reality landing won’t take long. A few thousand Fed bucks are not going to replace weeks and months of real production.

The US Economy is projected to implode with 14% next quarter. Talk about torching the place.

It is not going to seriously console millions of newly unemployed. Bankrupt small business.

The main target, as always, is the West. America in particular.

This is what many have been waiting for, for a long, long time. We will be facing many major shocks, that will send people reeling in similar ways as this stupid bug. Many will crack under the pressure.

Things under discussion:
– No ‘Pandemic’ whatsoever. 12,500 old people, already suffering several ailments, dead world wide over 2 months is marginally significant, if even that.
– Historic financial collapse, Wall Street down already 30%, with MUCH more to follow.
– Gutting of the real economy with ‘lock downs’.
– How people should get out to hug each other, instead of following Big Brother’s Ukases of ‘self isolation’ and ‘staying indoors’.
– Enormous impoverishment. Think America going back from $50k per year to maybe $25k. Or worse.
– The coming Gold Standard, and how it was and will always be a Banker Monopoly.
– The rise of the Bank of England and the Gold Standard.
– How the Gold Standard led to urbanization and the enclosure of the Commons and the creation of the Working Class.
– Why Bankers Love Gold As Money
– Why Usury Prohibition ended, and why Catholicism failed to keep out the Money Lenders.
– Why Capitalism saw ‘economic growth’, while creating widespread poverty, with working people in the US now working twice as long as in 1700, while owning zero or less assets.
– How White Americans see the Flag as the symbol of the Community they once knew, and how it means death reigning from the skies, and debased ‘culture’ and trannyism and Zionism for the rest for the World. And how acknowledging this is painful on the one hand, but not ‘hate’ of Americans, but of DC, Wall Street, and Hollywood.
– How we can create abundance for the many, the end of poverty, without Plutocracy with universal interest-free credit for normal people.
– How the War is not between whites and migrants at all, but of the Peoples of the World against Babylon.
– How Bitcoin is the most trashy money ever, created by the NSA.
– De Florijn and current developments, including paper money and the importance of cash.
– The importance of implementing similar schemes everywhere in the West to deal with the fall out of the Crash.
– How simple money creation really is, and how we cannot let them get away with buying up the whole thing with simple double entry bookkeeping.

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  1. Joe Polito permalink

    Interesting interview – There are many ways of saying the same thing. Is it the same thing to say we should adopt the Chicago Plan – to switch from debt based money creation and money supply expansion to a Central Bank based system which buys the government bonds when taxation falls short? or to buy bank bonds when deposits fall short — thereby banks pay a royalty for the increase in their inventory rather than issuing it out of thin air.

    I guess I am asking – can we fix the current system in the way many titans of Economics have suggested?

  2. Excellent interview! Nice to see that Real Currencies is still very active (I had not visited the site very much as it was less active for a few years). I agree with practically everything you said.

    If anything, I think that the corona scare is even more “fake” than you suggested – there is no solid evidence that this particular virus really causes this particular disease, despite what the media is saying, and the tests themselves are flawed. More generally, it is not even clear that viruses can “cause” diseases. Rappoport has documented this for years as you mentioned, although I admit that I initially thought that this time it was “real” (the media build-up was much more solid than for swine flu/Zika/etc…). I woke up around March 14, when I saw that too many movie or sports stars, as well as top politicians, were infected for the whole thing to be believable. If anything, this quickly made me realize that the whole drama was much more serious than I first thought, because I understood that they must be hiding/setting up something HUGE to enact such drastic measures.

    Like you, I now believe that life as we know it in the West is over. We are all basically under “house arrest” as you mentioned and, while I don’t think that this can last forever, I think that we will ever regain our previous freedom. At the moment, I am wondering whether it is still time to leave the West (North America or Europe), assuming it will still possible later this year, and whether that would even be useful. Suggestions or recommendations are welcome…

    • david permalink

      pretty sure rappaport is right. bechamp in particular – from whom pasteur got his (mis)understanding which perhaps led to his fraudulent ‘germ theory’ – discovered sub-cellular entities he called ‘microzymas’. by a process called pleomorphism these supposedly undergo transmutation into both bacteria (for munching on dead tissue) & viruses (for detox purposes). these microbes essentially coming from within, for clean-up, when the body needs them & re-transmutating themselves back to microzymas when they’re done. think that’s the essence of it. either way the idea of ‘infectious diseases’ is supposed to be a myth. this was cutting edge work when it was done & still is, as it’s still suppressed. though it was later confirmed by both rife & naessens with their wonderful microscopes. google (images) “naessens pleomorphism” or “naessens aerobiosis” to see the microbe lifecycle. v cool.

      this is a big-assed subject. because basically it’s not just the Fake nature of current medicine but the flipside, the wild & magical nature of Real Medicine. in “What really makes you ill” the authors do a fantastic survey of almost all “infectious” & “non-infectious” disease & make a very strong case that stress – from vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, chemical toxins, electromagnetic radiation, emotional torment, etc – are the real cause of illness & that viruses are just an illusion used to keep our attentions away from this. mental sleight of hand.

      Dr Hamer & German New Medicine is even more incredible. in this Hamer posits an entirely new understanding of what disease is. a multi-part biological program run by the body to restore health. health that has primarily been disturbed by psychological stress (perhaps because all is mind?). it’s very technical & good to investigate for those who can cos it’s mind-blowing stuff. it’s supposed 98%+ cure rate with cancer not even being the mind-blowing part of it.

      there’s tonnes of other crazy stuff but the work of bechamp & hamer alone is so revolutionary it won’t just change medicine. or the foundations of biology. it’ll change our view of reality. think ‘midichlorians’ out of star wars for bechamps ‘microzymas’ & yogic control of mind of matter for hamers work. think so anyway. unless i’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

  3. Duncan Phelps permalink

    Let’s not lose our sight; it is not currency itself that is bad, it is usury/a rent for that use which is the problem. I tell it like this: why perpetually rent an idea from the guy who tells you to use coconuts for trade, when you can use them without paying him 1% for it? And it is not the loss of 1% that creates the bigger problem; it is he makes 1% off everybody fast and easy and uses that pile of coconuts to buy up most everything while others are fighting over the pieces. That is as short and sweet as you can spell it out!
    Same with Soviet or Chinese communism: it is not a nation or peoples who push communism, it is the elite banksters who fool the fools into adapting it so an elite can be above the Masses because someone must rule while those Masses fight for the pieces & scraps left on the streets.

  4. Kauni Kauni permalink

    Dear Gents,
    You’re ALL WRONGO….
    Please listen to the last few X22 Reports (Dave)..and you will hear an entirely different scenario, plan…far beyond your wild imagination .. I’m not just some little Conservative, highly researched, close-minded gal..
    Again, Please do yourself, and others a favor ..and hear an alternate scenario to these current issues..

    • I’m entirely aware of X22’s narrative, and he’s 100% CIA.

      • Actually, it’s more likely that Dave at X22 Report is KGB, like Zerohedge is. Zerohedge is run out of the Bulgarian Intelligence Service, which is a subsidiary of Russian FSB (KGB). The founder of Zerohedge, Daniel Ivandjiiski, is the son of a “former” Soviet minister of the USSR.

    • billy permalink

      Dave has been talking mad nonsense (broken clock fear porn) for ….ten years now? Go back to any episode of his in the last 5 years and do an experiment. Pretend that you actually followed his advice. Go to the next year and pick out some episodes at random and then PRETEND that you actually followed his advice. oh wait…does he ever give advice? No matter…forget about that… he has no solution. you’d have wasted all your money on silver( which could shoot up to $500 an oz any day now), youd have fled the country a hundred times, built another hundred bunkers in your back yard, etc, etc. if you traded stocks on his assesment of the stock market you dont have enough fingers and toes in your neighborhood to count the millions you would have lost. Dont get me started on his guests. Remember whats his face from First majestic silver? keith neumeyer ? dave facilitated him in the biggest pump and dump in silver history. you get the point . LOL

  5. add in the fact that government does not print the money.. it’s true.. the ‘fed’ prints the money… the ‘fed’ is no more Federal than FedEx… federal Express..

  6. You know conspiracy is full of shit when it gets biblical. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  7. This is definitely about Communism 2.0. It seems that the Kremlin has trotted out its willing satellite China to take brunt of the conspiratorial heat when it comes to blame (at least blame from the West). Domestically in the USSR, they are blaming the West for Corona. So what are we to make of it? It’s definitely driven by Moscow, whether they actually engineered this real/unreal virus or not. Good on you for calling this what it is.

    • david permalink

      everybody watching “under the sign of the scorpion” by juri lina, everybody in the world. or at least a definite % of every community, in order to learn about “russian revolution 1.0”, is a crazy & wild idea that would profoundly affect everyone. but the alternative seems to be the NWO bringing russian revolution 2.0 to everyone, in actuality.

      weird to think that such a collective mindquake seems to be on its way

  8. Mark R. Elsis | permalink

    Dear Anthony

    Yes, I tried to post your last article of Facebook. It wouldn’t post, and was “Against Community Standards”.

    I will delete my Facebook account soon, as I have with eBay, Amazon, don’t use Google / YouTube.

    Thank you for your work.

    Love Is The Answer Mark R. Elsis An environmentalist, filmmaker, poet, web entrepreneur / developer, and writer, here to protect our future generations.

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