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Banking Is Institutionalized Murder!

by on July 3, 2014
Martin Luther

Left: Martin Luther. Say of him what you will, below’s quote is truer today than ever.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

The heathen were able, by the light of reason, to conclude that a usurer is a double-dyed thief and murderer. We Christians, however, hold them in such honour, that we fairly worship them for the sake of their money…

Whoever eats up, robs and steals the nourishment of another, that man commits as great a murder (so far as in him lies) as he who starves a man or utterly undoes him. Such does a usurer, and sits the while safe on his stool, when he ought rather to be hanging on the gallows.”.
Martin Luther, quoted in Das Kapital

This is exactly how it is! It is not one word too much!


It has nothing to do with ‘oh, it’s so honest, so reasonable, that 5% per year’.

Look at how complete nations are gutted to pay off some filthy rich trillionaires.

Billions of people live in desperate destitution because of Usury, dying prematurely, completely unnecessarily. People commit suicide, haunted to the grave by creditors. It tears families apart in financial stress. By the millions. Throughout the West. The World. It is purely genocidal, there really is no way to get around it.

And we have built our entire economy on this horrid plunder. On this monstrous sin!

When will we again see the simple truth as the ancients always did?

Banking is simply institutionalized Usury.
Capitalism is simply Banking.
The two rose to prominence together in Amsterdam, London and New York.

The whole Capitalist monopoly has been bought with the proceeds of compound interest lending. They are emasculating the West with interest on the debt. The Banks openly try to endebt us to the point where all our income is sucked up by debt service! Years of deflation have made our debts weigh even much heavier in real terms.

Look how the tumors of ‘the financial sector’ are metastasizing, with their ‘bonusses’, ‘derivatives’, LIBOR manipulation, asset bubbles, defaults, bribing politicians, evictions and repossessions, Gold manipulation, media power, globalism, bail outs, bail ins, fomenting of wars. It is all an outgrowth of the cancer of Usury.

We are already thoroughly enslaved through Usury, it’s not a doom scenario, it is the way we live!

In the aftermath of Usury prohibition in the medieval era, around the time of Luther, the main argument for allowing Usury was that without it people wouldn’t lend. And lending was necessary for the economy, the rationale went. There was (at least perceived) a scarcity of credit.

But today we can provide all the interest-free credit we will ever need at zero cost. In several ways!

The ‘time value’ rationale that Jesuits in Salamanca cooked up in the 16th century has been totally discredited and is irrelevant in a decent monetary system.

Notwithstanding credit and money scarcity, the medieval man worked only 15 weeks to feed his entire family in the Usury free economy. Bones found in England show that people there only achieved the same height as the late medieval Briton in the sixties of last century.

Compare that to the sweatshops of the 19th century, the heyday of Capitalist domination over Labor.

Imagine what our life would look like without Usury, and with plenty of dirt cheap credit  plus today’s technology!

Even the Jewish Question is ultimately just another front for the Usurer!
It’s the Trillionaires and their banks and their World Government/Currency that we need to shut down and replace with interest-free monetary systems. Most Jewish people are just their bitches, easily sacrificed, just as we are. Without their Usury, ‘the Jews’ no longer are very formidable.

Usury is behind, or at the very least severely worsens, every problem on the globe. It is THE defining problem of the 99%. It is the issue of issues.


Root Out Usury!

Root Out Usury!

Rationalizing Usury: the Time Value Hoax
Babylon = Usury! We want Interest-Free Money!
Ten Atrocities that would not exist without Usury
Hate The State! (But The Banks Even More!)
Capitalism Is Jewish Usury


  1. allegedly, Le Canard Enchaine, August 23, 1939, published something like this:

    ~~In 1933 there appeared in Holland a book, written by a certain Sydney Warbug, which quickly disappeared from booksellers’ windows. In it the author stated that in the preceding year, 1932, he had attended meetings in the United States of financial gentlemen who were seeking means of subsidising Hitler.~~

    Would there be one among ye who would dare to walk into the library in London or Paris and ascertain whether it is a genuine article ?

    • Name789…….how happy I am to see you back. I’ve been thinking of you and missing you.

      Did you know this booklet was actually republished a couple of years back in Holland? I bought a copy. It was discussed in the dutch MSM, who simply did not know what to make of this curiosity.

      But personally I’ve always hunched it was a fake and I think Sutton debunked it pretty well in ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler’.

      • Ross N. permalink

        Divison of labor is a necessary economic condition for mankind and civilzation. It makes humans more efficient when they do their life’s calling. Painters should paint, bricklayers should lay brick, and researcher/librarians should research.

        Others can draw unique connections, others can be footsoldiers, etc.

        Name789, you should understand that others are not you; they are not librarians in pursuit of honest detail – their division of labor or time constraints or proclivities does not allow it.

        Anthony has a gift of popularizing his positions and seeing through a lot of the BS.

        Most historians re-write what other historians wrote, so an element of flasehood creeps in – meaning a big lie can be spread for generations, or even become part of common wisdom.

        We need honest librarians and researchers to stop the big lies, but attacking others who have honest intent because their division of labor is different, is not mature. Respect the team, for many players have unique contributions.

        Money power financiers have long disappeared books that don’t match their sneaky rent seeking desire to control mankind. Much of Aristotle’s writings barely survived.

      • I don’t know what you read in ‘Wall St & Hitler’, but what Sutton wrote was that the content is very like true, and fits with known history

        any case: the point is not the booklet –which was published in the US in 1982– but that this Le Canard Enchaine have seen it and wrote about it; and that the book in which above reference to Canard is, was published in 1942.

        This Canard is not some conspiracist rag but an upstanding, flaming leftwing paper ….. it seems that at the time many people suspected wall st behind Hitler

        So, it would be nice to see the original article — even if in french

  2. Ross N. permalink

    It takes about 6 months to front load a production cycle. In that period, a producer is paying wages in advance of goods becoming prices. In other words, producer is spending money in advance, which his labor spends immediately into money supply, which returns later once good is made and bought. This lag time has allowed bankers to insert themselves in between man’s natural credit/debt contracts.

    If somebody borrows your lawnmower, a credit/debt relation has been built, even though nobody has reduced it to lawful contract – both of you will remember that one is creditor and another is debtor. When the lawnmower is returned, the unspoken contract vanishes.

    Bankers used this temporal problem with money to host society. They create credit, so a producer may produce, to then return bank money, to then have it disappear. Credit and Debt relations between mankind become strained because debtor may not be able to pull money out of future money supply to pay prior banker debts. What was a two party agreement, between creditor and debtor (our gift economy evolution) now has morphed into a three party agreement.

    Venice first came into contact with Jews in 1250AD. They were firmly excluded, and could not live there on a permanent basis until the 1500’s. From 1394 they were required to wear yellow hats to signify that a money agent was working against society. This insertion of a third party into the relations of man is a point of entry for usury and changing the nature of credit/debt contracts.

    Venetians assumed a man had a right to return from a commercial contract only if there was combined risk and the return was uncertain. If the contract had losses, creditor would lose – while debtor also lost, perhaps risk of life but also his labor energy. Later, also around the late 1300’s Venetians themselves became corrupted in money matters by price mechanisms and rent schemes.

    The Scholastics tried to prevent usury by creating the concept of just price. Trading should occur between 50% and 150% of fair price. They tried to prevent monopolies, and insure contracts were made in good faith without trickery. When one party was in power over another, or if there was insufficient information, blackmail, coercion – all of these elements made the contract either as under duress, or as applying duress.

    I submit that bankers by inserting themselves as an extralegal third party between man’s relations have committed fraud against mankind. Contracts where bankers automatically gain in a head’s I win, tails you lose contract, is morally outside the bounds of civilization. Once (if?) money comes under control, then the rent seeking nature of our worst elements can be suppressed. Contracts should be made equal as possible, and this can only be done with just law.

  3. When Einstein was told that he has released the greatest force on Earth which can destroy humanity, to which he is supposed to have replied, that humanity has a choice in his nuclear discovery either use it for destructive or PEACE full purpose, but greatest force that destroys humanity is COMPOUND INTEREST.

  4. Communal Award permalink

    Does 0% Usury solve it?

  5. Hi Anthony loved the article……;) now lets take them to the cleaners as Jesus Peace Be Upon Him did! We would get a break from many economic woes, poverty, environmental destruction, family breakdowns, and on and on

  6. Great powerful article Anthony. Sorry to have missed you in Dublin recently. Paul Stokes

  7. love the quote!!

  8. Yes, absolutely. It deprives people of what they need to live. It’s a ‘soft kill’ weapon.
    You know money and commerce was introduced by the ‘god Mercury’. What a guy, eh. Before that, we used to just share things. It was much nicer.

    To fix a problem, you have to get to the root of it. Jews aren’t it. They’re as much, if not more, the victims of deception that we are.

    This isn’t easy for people to take in, because it’s a horrifying possibility, but all the evidence says this planet’s under alien occupation and has been for thousands of years. Every single native culture on the planet has reported this information – it’s ubiquitous. They all say that civilisation came from the ‘gods’, and describe them in consistent detail (as a bunch of criminals).

    It’s testament to the power of our programming via TV & school etc. that modern-man thinks otherwise. Not only does our ‘culture’ ridicule these histories as ‘primitive myth’, they also ridicule the idea of UFOs, even though they’re seen all over the world every day, and have been throughout history.

    So, if all this is true, then money, and usury is most definitely their idea, their culture, not ours…

    Proof: Human people who are allowed to develop and live naturally don’t use money, they don’t form an economy, they operate a gift-economy, where each person tries to enrich their neighbors. It’s far simpler and more equitable and it leads to everyone being rich, happy and secure. This was the case in America, before the genocide, that’s how they lived (on the whole). And don’t be fooled into thinking we need an economy because there’s more of us. There were well over 110 million native americans living peacefully there (in 1490 apprx, North America), before the slaughter.

    The logical conclusion is the ‘gods’ that all the legends speak of ARE real. They really did come and give us ‘civilisation’, but it was a trick, a ‘poisoned chalice’ which helped them to farm / enslave us, and usury is part of that system of slavery the entire planet’s under. Even the slave-masters are slaves on Earth.

    Again, legends agree that demons are here to harvest material goods such as gold, silver etc., also human children and adults for experimentation, infiltration, and food. The main product they harvest is human emotions, this information is present thoughout folklore too. It’s a drug and a food to the higher-level demons. Emotionality is heavily encouraged by society, they collect, process, package, and they trade it off-planet – for money.

    This isn’t the whole story, there are many nuances, but it paints the general picture.

    There’s a way out of this mess for all of us, but it’s not too easy to hear for some either.

    Final point: It’s not just Usury, all Commerce denies our true humanity. Commerce precludes Love, and Love is our natural way. We’re supposed to love our neighbor, not contract with him…

    • I can go along with that to a large extent, no doubt…..

    • >>>>> There were well over 110 million native americans living peacefully there
      wasn’t it closer to 15million?
      No alphabet, no wheel
      under the rule of the emperor, in present day Peru, the perfect socialist state, 1000 over-seer for every 11,000 people
      L’Empire socialiste des Inka, by Luis Eaudin, 1928

  9. You’ve still got it, Anthony! Great post, brother. The Lord sits at the right hand of the Father grinning from ear to ear as the Angels sing in celebration!

  10. Well said. I found it very interesting and not the least bit surprising that the only activists challenging Usury were found in Germany. Unlike the occupy movements in the US and England (who protest without and specific demands beyond wanting benefits reinstated), the Germans get it. They realize that the root of all global iniquity, poverty and tyranny lies in the Fed Reserve cartel and its usury banking practices.

  11. Gottfried Feder had a better plan.

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