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The BRICS Bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency

by on August 20, 2014
BRICS Leaders celebrate their new Bank

(Above/Left: For the time being, China still allows Putin the center position.)

Far from being ‘the end of the NWO’, the ongoing decline and coming collapse of the US Empire and its Petrodollar are the Money Power’s key goal in her age old drive to World Government. The BRICS Bank is a purely Globalist institution that paves the way for a new Currency Order after the Petrodollar has been done away with.

The endless chatter in the Alternative Media about Putin and Russia ‘fighting the New World Order’ looks a little hopeless at times. It’s not that Putin does not seem to be a fairly reasonable chap for a politician and ‘world leader’. Clearly he has the moral high ground in the sense that US/Zionist Imperialism in the Middle East and the ghoulish coup and provocations in the Ukraine are obviously purely criminal and Russia is defending legitimate interests.

But the ongoing equation of the New World Order with the US Empire is the sand in our eyes: the reality is that the US as the hegemon is dead. Why do people believe the New World Order would be interested in the United States after decades of horrendous domestic policies that have destroyed the health of the population with GMO and Big Pharma? After letting its once world class infrastructure crumble away before our very eyes? After outsourcing its manufacturing base to China, its supposed ‘strategic rival’? Do people think the Bankers are stupid? That they don’t know how to run a country properly? That they would destroy the goose laying the golden eggs without a plan?

The United States has been eaten from within and its bloated military and overvalued Petrodollar are the only things keeping its emaciated corpse still looking somewhat frightening. But both are totally overextended and antiquated and will without any doubt meet their doom within the foreseeable future.

The debate is far too much about people. Barack Obama golfing while the heroic Putin is doing so much good. This is not the kind of analysis that is very troubling for the Bankers. We need to focus on the larger picture. The who behind the scenes, instead of the puppets in the limelight. And, even much more important, understanding their strategies, their methodology, their main gun being Banking, institutionalized Usury.

Obviously a usurious BRICS Bank, that will undoubtedly be ready for a key role for Gold once the Petrodollar is resetted out of existence, is not in any way ‘threatening’ to the Globalist Bankers on their road to World Currency. No, it’s just the next step in an age old plan.

The Money Power
The Money Power is the group of age old Banking Families that rule the world from behind the scenes. They are the Princes and High Priests of Mammon’s Empire. Jewish Trillionaires are at its core, but many old European ‘noble’ families are also very highly placed.

God only knows where they came from or where they learned their tortuous tricks. Perhaps the old God Kings that used to rule the planet before the Great Flood put us back into the stone age left a copy of their handbook in Babylon, where the Jewish Pharisees and Money Changers and some others seem to have learned the trade.

The core of their Empire is the Capitalist Monopoly: all the major banks own each other, and are ultimately owned by said families. Not only that, they also own 80% of all Transnationals, plus associated patents: their technology is undoubtedly very advanced. They also control most land and related resources.

They have built this Empire through Usury: compound interest makes it inevitable that the very richest own everything within generations.

Not only do they own everything, they also own everybody. We are totally enslaved through Usury, taxation and artificial scarcity.

Our chains are invisible. Usury is the main issue and it’s invisible because most of what we lose to it is in the prices we pay for normal day to day goods and services: producers incur costs for capital during production and must pass these costs on to the consumer. These costs compound in the supply chain and it transpires that about 40% of prices we pay are Usury passed on to us.

Not only that, the State is also owned by the Plutocracy. Always has been: there is no precedent in history of a State that was not outright controlled by the Powers that Be behind the scenes. This is very important to understand, because it is quite common to look at the State for salvation against Plutocracy. But the State has, besides Usury, always been their main method of control! As the Protocols put it: “In the beginnings of the structure of society they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards — to Law, which is the same force, only disguised.”

Taxation is up to 50% Usury passed on to the taxpayer, what remains is directly controlled by the Plutocracy also through its asset, the State.

The Transnational Cartel (Oil, Automotive Industry, Telecom, Big Pharma, etc) operates through monopoly and artificial scarcity. In a healthy economy, mass production crushes prices, but the Cartel keeps prices inflated by buying up or crushing all competition. Through inflated prices, they suck away most of what remains of our life force after we have paid all the Usury and taxation.

This is what looks so desperate about people worrying about the coming New World Order. It’s not a ‘new’ world order, it’s a very old world order, that is just externalizing the Hierarchy in World Government: we are already totally, utterly, completely enslaved.

Oil and the rise of Russia, Iran and China
It’s well known that Empire has traditionally built up ‘enemies’. Either to crush them, or because they are needed for dialectical struggles that can be exploited. The Money Power is a global Empire, that has the nations battle it out amongst each other. Warring is profitable, it traumatizes people so they are more easily controlled and ritual sacrifice is pleasing to their ‘god’.

A good example was Saddam Hussein, who they provided with know how and arms, so he could offer a good excuse for invading the Middle East. Enemy du jour is ISIS, which is well known to have been built up from scratch by the US through its Saudi Arabia and Gulf State proxies. Now that it is strong enough, they can start fighting it. The real war is of course against the peoples of Iraq and Syria, but a bogey man is needed to hide the resource grabs behind it all.

The same has been going on with the Sino-Russian axis and Iran.

China has been built up by handing it the Money Power’s manufacturing base. This is a disaster for both the US Empire and the American people. Two wholly different entities, mortal enemies, although the gullible masses tend to enjoy the ego aggrandizement associated with being part of a big Empire, overlooking that this comes at the price of subjugation.

Is Washington stupid? Does it not know that its power was built on the thrift of its people? Of course they’re not stupid. Washington is a tool of another power, that’s why this is happening.

Russia is a different story: it has long been controlled through its dependence on Oil exports.

In the eighties Reagan started an arms race against the Soviet Union and he has been credited for bringing down that ‘evil Empire’. The real story, however, was that the Money Power institution that actually rules America (the Federal Reserve Bank and its owners), crashed Oil prices by restoring the Dollar, that had been inflating badly in the seventies. This was the key reason that the Soviet economy finally crumbled and could no longer maintain a ‘threatening’ facade.

In the nineties, when the Money Power was plundering the ex-Soviet economy through its Jewish Oligarch proxies, Oil prices remained very low and Russia on its knees.

Then in the early 2000’s, just after Putin came to power, they started raising Oil prices again, both by US military adventurism in the Middle East and by massive speculation by Wall Street. The Money Power controls all major resources and can halve, double or quadruple all prices at a moment’s notice. Oil prices actually went up tenfold: at its peak it stood at about $150 for a barrel, up from $15 only a few years earlier.

These insane (and totally unnecessary) prices have provided Russia with an enormous windfall. Russia? Well, the Russian State and the Oligarchs, Putin included, anyway. The common man saw little of it and wealth inequality in Russia is at US levels.

The Russian State under Putin used the money to pay off the National Debt and particularly to reinvigorate the Russian military. The same can be said of Iran, which has been heavily investing in its military, which would have been impossible without the massive Oil boom.

All this is absolutely totally typical of long term Money Power scenario based planning.

An infamous, purely Babylonian Coat of Arms, used by the Rothschild Family.....and the Russian State.

An infamous, purely Babylonian Coat of Arms, used by the Rothschild Family…..and the Russian State.

Putin’s Russia
While Russia is obviously in much better shape than when he came to power, Putin has rebuilt Russia into neo-fascism.

Fascism is a form of Government with a strong State, intimately cooperating with Big Business. Marxism, on the other hand, is a strong State with nationalized industry. Both systems are highly amenable to the Money Power. They have used both modes routinely and it is quite close to what they have planned for their Global Kingdom.

Today’s fascism has not the brutal face of National Socialism, let alone Stalinism, it’s somewhat softer. Russia holds regular elections for instance, which, as we know, would be immediately outlawed if they made any difference. But there is no need for any illusions about the risks of crossing Putin or the System/Plutocracy he represents. The Russian media, the banks and the economy at large are totally controlled by the global puppeteers.

The Russian State needs the current mayhem as much as the US and the West do: States are antithetical to both Spirit and the needs of ‘their’ people and they need manufactured problems and particularly enemies for their protection racket to thrive. As a case in point, Putin’s approval ratings have been unbelievable since the Ukraine crisis started.

What is crucial to understand is, that Putin only has to represent ‘legitimate’ Russian interests in a ‘reasonable’ way to provide the Bankers with exactly what they want: ongoing tension and the build up to war, which is the goal. We don’t have to defame him unnecessarily, we don’t have to call him or even his actions evil: it is clear the US Empire is the unadulterated aggressor and all Putin has to do is defend assertively.

It cannot be stressed enough that, should there be real war, the US Empire is planned to lose. Its airforce and navy, on which it is completely dependent for global projection of power, are totally antiquated in the face of S400 (S500 even) SAM installations, Sukhoi jets (which tank all American counterparts, including 5th generation, in dog fights) and Yakhont anti ship missiles. Of course Russia cannot in any way threaten America, or even Europe, but it most certainly can defend itself and its main allies.

I think we can agree America is not going to send millions of grunts overseas to fight an aggressive war against Russia. All that would remain is a nuclear first strike and deployment of advanced WMD that both parties have been ‘quietly’ assembling over the last few decades.

The BRICS Bank
In their statement, the nations’ leaders said: “We appreciate the work undertaken by our Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors“. Undoubtedly it was those who hammered out the deal. As we know, both the Bank of Russia and the Bank of China are major Rothschild CB’s, part and parcel of the global financial system with the Bank of International Settlements at its apex.

Bank of China is led by Zhou Xiaochuan, a member of the influential Group of 30, a Rockefeller confab for Central Bankers and leading economists. In 2007 he was calling for the replacement of the US Dollar with the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights. Please note: not with the Yuan, but with the IMF’s precursor to global currency.

The official reason for the Bank is dismay about the refusal of US lawmakers to ratify the 2010 IMF reforms, aimed at giving the BRICS nations a bigger part of the vote in the IMF: they control about 20% of global output (it’s bound to be higher in PPP terms) and have only 11% of the vote, reflecting basically the post WW2 balance of power.

The plan will see two different banks: one for infrastructure development, the New Development Bank (NDP) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), which will provide liquidity to countries in need. In short: parallel institutions to both the IMF and the World Bank.

However, both institutions don’t need parallels, they need disbanding, because they only exist to usurp national sovereignty and fealty to the Banking Cartel. The BRICS Bank does in no way damage the BIS global infrastructure. It in no way addresses any real monetary problem, let alone the core issues of Usury and scarce money.

In fact: there is little doubt that the BRICS Bank will seamlessly transition to a larger role for Gold, once the inevitable ‘reset’ of the global financial system comes. Both Moscow and Beijing have been massively hoarding Gold and the Money Power has been preparing the transition to Gold after the Petrodollar era for decades now. A gold backed Yuan has been fevorishly anticipated and recently, when the US sprang their first sanctions on him, Putin was saying he would use his Gold reserves to back (and thus give ‘credibility’ to) his own payment systems, away from the US Banks.

This is a good example of why it’s wrong to focus on people, while overlooking the methodology: how is a new Bank going to end Banking, Usury, scarce money, power centralization, Globalism? How is going Gold in any way going to solve total Money Power control of the money supply?

It can’t of course. Banking is THE main tool of the enemy. You don’t solve banking by starting your own, you solve banking by providing interest-free money.

Latin America
Interestingly, right after signing the deal, the BRICS leaders met with leaders of Latin American countries. These nations are mostly led by neo-Marxist presidents, like their deceased standard bearer Hugo Chávez.

Chávez was very popular in the Alternative Media because of his routine and much warranted America bashing, But meanwhile he collectivized the Venezuelan economy, destroyed the private sector, attacked the family by bringing feminism into Venezuela and sold Oil Dollars for one third of their worth to Transnationals to repatriate their Venezuelan profits and to the wealthy, so they could import their BMW’s for a fraction of their real cost.

In short: he ended income inequality in the typical Marxist way: by destroying the middle class with the motto ‘everyone poor is equality too’. The very wealthy became even richer still.

Today, you are more likely to get killed while walking the streets of Caracas than in Kabul.

What remained of his Oil Dollar wealth after handouts to the rich, Chavez invested in uniting the Latin American nations in some sort of Latin American Union. Something very high on the agenda of his Bolivarian successors and brethren in other Latin American capitals today too.

This is another excellent example of how the Money Power uses opposition to the US Empire and the plight of the poor for Marxism and supranational convergence.

The New World Order is a group of ancient banking families that rule through money.

Money is half of each transaction, transactions cannot take place without it. It is the gateway to all goods, services and resources. By keeping money scarce, they keep everything scarce. Through Usury they take their cut in every transaction.

Through control of money, they have acquired 90% of the hard assets on the planet. Not only that, they suck away 90% of the common man’s life force through Usury, taxation and the artificial scarcity of their Transnational Cartel. ‘None are more hopelessly enslaved than they who think they are free’.

They control all nations through their States: the Jews, the Americans, the Europeans, the Russians, the Chinese. They use these nations for different purposes and to pit peoples against each other.

They rule through dialectical pseudo ‘conflicts’, where both protagonists slug it out to amuse the public, while working together towards hidden common purposes. For instance: Marxism and Capitalism are both materialist and monopolies, the hidden common features that really matter to the Money Power.

People within these dialectics believe the conflict is real and they don’t have to actually report to the Bankers to do exactly what they want them to do.

Our current era is about the take down of the American Empire, which has served the Plutocracy well, but is now, with its heavily armed and fiercely independent people, the last block that has to be taken down to usher in the Global Despotism they have been working towards for so, so long now.

The BRICS Bank is anti Petrodollar, not anti Money Power.

It has long been prophesied that Russia would lead the West out of decadence and materialism. Edgard Cayce for instance. But also a great man like Rudolf Steiner had high expectations of Russia. This partly drives the optimism of some people concerning Putin. But while I believe the Russian Soul has an important gift for Humanity, it is most certainly not going to come through the Russian State, which is purely Babylonic. A grassroots spiritual movement or even the coming of the next Prophet, yes, but not the iron fist of the Kremlin.

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  1. In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

    Dear all
    It’s n article dat has changed my views about Christians,V Muslims in our circles used 2 think, dat all d Christians are sleeping & Zionist children like Jewish Bankers, Jewish Media Moguls, Freemasons, Illuminati, Giant Multinational Corporations & etc are guiding them where ever they want, As I’m also a finance professional, though my knowledge is minimal, & a Muslim too dat’s why I’m against Banks & interest & paper currency, d route cause of evil are d banks & other financial institution & majority of them are owned by Zionists, {who want 2 create a New World Order means an international govt. in which Jews being superior race (according 2them), will comm& all d humanity like cattle, however they like, dat is y they rejected d true Messiah Holy Prophet Jesus PBUH & waiting & preparing d ground 4 d false Messiah, d 1 eyed Anti Christ i.e. Masih Al-Dajjal.} d Zionists’ best tools are d banks as d writer says & d best of their tools are Paper Currency, Interest & Credit Creation. They are d best gamblers guided by d Satan, as they r betting on all d horses in d race i.e. USA, BRICS, OPEC, ISIS, d so called islamic banks etc from Tel-Aviv & d race animal never knows 4 what & 4 whom is it running for, mostly a race dog runs for the rabit for lunch like our corrupt politicians, on zionsit’s payroll. They own our parliaments & bureaucracies. d Paper Money’s worst defect is dat it doesn’t hav any intrinsic value unlike metal currency, So the only way to kill their system(in which v r chained) is to run away from banks, its dificult these days, but 1 may adopt this strategy by limiting the use of banks & to start d propaganda against them in all the regions & religions of the world. May God bless u all.
    Thanks 4 d gud article, Sir.

  2. In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

    Dear all
    It’s n article dat has changed my views about Christians,V Muslims in our circles used 2think, dat all d Christians are sleeping & Zionist children like Jewish Bankers, Jewish Media Moguls, Freemasons, Illuminati, Giant Multinational Corporations & etc are guiding them where ever they want, As I’m also a finance professional, though my knowledge is minimal, & a Muslim too dat’s why I’m against Banks & interest & paper currency, d route cause of evil are d banks & other financial institution & majority of them are owned by Zionists, {who want 2 create a New World Order means an international govt. in which Jews being superior race (according 2them), will comm& all d humanity like cattle, however they like, dat is y they rejected d true Messiah Holy Prophet Jesus PBUH & waiting & preparing d ground 4 d false Messiah, d 1 eyed Anti Christ i.e. Masih Al-Dajjal.} d Zionists’ best tools are d banks as d writer says & d best of their tools are Paper Currency, Interest & Credit Creation. They are d best gamblers guided by d Satan, as they r betting on all d horses in d race i.e. USA, BRICS, OPEC, ISIS etc from Tel-Aviv & d race animal never knows 4 what & 4 whom is it running for, mostly a race dog runs for the rabit for lunch like our corrupt politicians, on zionsit’s payroll. They own our parliaments & bureaucracies. d Paper Money’s worst defect is dat it doesn’t hav any intrinsic value unlike metal currency, So the only way to kill their system(in which v r chained) is to run away from banks, its dificult these days, but 1 may adopt this strategy by limiting the use of banks & to start d propaganda against them in all the regions & religions of the world. May God bless u all.
    Thanks 4 d gud article, Sir.

  3. Stephan permalink

    The double headed eagle originates from the the roman emperor, it symbolizes ruling over the east and west, sun does not set on the roman empire, also over this world and under world. It is the symbol of 33rd degree of masonry and I can go on, Constantine never accepted Christ, he was a sun worshiper, a knowledge worshiper and the emperor of Rome. He used hermetic-ism via Valentino, alchemy and science from the Dionysian Architects that originated from Babylon via the emerald tablets. The Pantheon of gods of all paganistic religions resembling sun worshiping origins became pantheons of saints and saint days. It is important to know that the schism of the church created two opposite entities trying to win the race to be this empirical power, hence the two heads. Communism was created by freemasonry to destroy the power of the eastern church into a secular sun worshiping, or knowledge based system centrally controlled. The orthodox church though back and took control using a master plan, hence Puten and modern Russia and re-installation of the double headed eagle. Gog and Magog is West and East.

  4. Stephan permalink

    Just never forget. There is a level higher than this. Make no mistake, God clearly said and professed what is happening and will be happening in in the future. In the end, He still is in total control and nothing happens without Him allowing it to happen. It is ncessary for people to see the fruits of the serpents seed to be sure choosing God is the only way. No power base on earth are allowed to be in existence without Him allowing that to happen. In the end He respect our free will and choice, but He will only do so until the harvest is ready and the earth is threatened to extinction, the once that did not sell their sole will be taken to the new Jerusalem, i.e. those that di not sell their sole to Luciferian philosophy, i.e. people worshipping their own knowledge and using that knowledge to sub verge and control others, pretending to be god and the so called watchers we are brainwashed with. Is is through Magic, the true jewish word for magic is alchemy, i.e. science and trickery that this is done and was done since the discovery of the emerald tablets that survived the flood. It is after all well known that these have been buried to survive the flood and was the origins of the hidden religion, modern common incarnations being Scientology and Spiritual science….and the world world drunk from her magic.

    It is also written that these powers will be people, who call themselves jews, but whom are not and they use money and usury as their number one tool, and alchemy aka drugs and illusionism i.e. creating fake realities using alchemy as the number one tool of creating attractive fake reality and consciousness enslaving the rest of mankind, aka serpent religion. This was written in the second verse in the bible, the serpents head (controllers) will be crushed by they seed (people), and the seed of the serpent (head or controllers) shall bite the heals of your seed (the people), i.e. the way we live will be controled, disrupted etc.

    To understand the Catholic and Orthodox church, you have to look at its origins. It is well known that both these were creations on fundamentalist sun worshiping religions to subverge the spread of christianity, as was the creation of Muselem via the creation of Mohammed through his uncle, a catholic scolar and agent, this Catholicism emulated the old priesthood architecture with a modern christian flavour incorporating all paganistic sun/knowledge worshiping serpent traditions. Though the more conservative orthodox church frequently diverted to be a close relation to true Christianity hence being at war with the western church as a proxy war or thousands of years old COLD WAR. The catholic church however, is to its core kabalistic and this is also well documented. These two together create a thesis and anti thesis as evident in the star of david for the whole of Christianity, these were later multi layered by adding Lutherian teachings and more. Martin Luther had the seal of the Rosicrucianism. Every time someone discovers truth about God and want humans to be free under the word of God and preach that, an anti movement that does similar is created, hence thousands of fake christian denominations like mormonism for instance, but deceiving the truth will be created. Is the only way to get humans to willing choose against God and His will, chosing a lie, a fake religion and not accepting Jesus alone as their savior from the fall or serpent religion.

    It is also known that out of the original factions of the Dionysiac Architecs paganistic movement of freedom through knowledge, a movement called freemasonry was created, which originated from the originals factions of these alchemist religion that survived being engulved in Catholicism via the Dionysiac Architects (whom had control of knowledge from the emerald tablets), templars, gnosticism, later free masonry, universalism, Rosicrucianism and more. This movement was always the opposite thesis to cathalosism, so was communism as a more conservative movement against the eastern church. Make note the thesis and anti thesis are multi layered and lately enabled by chaos, i.e. order out of chaos, exactly as can be seen in Syria.

    • I am intrigued by your comment regarding Roman Catholic and Orthodoxy. If both of these are as you say sunworshipping religions who are the real Christians? I can understand the doubts about the RCs in some respects but what has Orthodoxy to do with it. I am sincerely interested to know also who you would consider to be real Christians. Do they have a specific church or name (other than Christians) like Church of England or Roman Catholic or do they just believe in Jesus Christ and stay at home and read their bibles or meet in each others homes or what? Looking forward to your reply.


  6. The BRICS nations ‘building a bank together’ is not to rival the World Bank or the IMF, they are all Rothschild banking countries! BRICS is the new ‘illusion of choice’, & they will be the new ‘trustworthy face’ of the same global banking cabal we know today as ‘The World Bank’ or the ‘International Monitary Fund’… When really they are just the newest arm of the WB-IMF-CfIS cabal. How can ‘experts’ not see this? …& they’ll be printing the World Reserve Currency too!!! This is fucking whacked…. & no-one can see it (Trend that Celente!)

    Saddam wanted to trade GOLD as a global currency for his resource, but America had no gold. Gaddafi wanted to introduce the Dinar… But neither of these two had Rochschild Banking institutions prior to being killed… so that wouldn’t work for the Global monetary cabal….. But now they’ve created BRICS!

    THE whole Russia V’s America ‘play was created because everyone knows that the global banking cabal is in bed with the US, so they created the illusion of difference between Pukin & Obummer… so when Russia helped form BRICS, not only did it appear to rival America, but appeared to threaten the WB superpower.

    America is like Great Britain before WWII. After this next WW America will be so devistated & broke ( like Britain after WWII), that they will lose the ‘Global currency’ status to BRICS. And because BRICS is made up of so many ‘so-called’ independent countries, it will seem ‘only natural’ that a new ‘Global currency’ will born (only so no favourtism is shown to any one BRICS member, of course). That would only seem fair, yeah? Who would argue with that? After-all, BRICS are the new ‘good guys’ on the block to ‘keep the bastards’ honest.

    What a fucking joke!

    “People are fucking dumb!” – RIP George Carlin.

    • You’re right about the BRICS Bank, but Saddam wanted Euro for his oil, not Gold. Gold, like Euro, is just another money power currency.

  7. I think Debt Cancellation and the issuance of a debt free, non-interest bearing currency as the best alternative to the the plans the NWO have made.

    I posted this article on a forum in its entirety. I might do so again on another site. I gave you and your website full credit.

    I should point out that Putin was a protege of Yeltsin. Putin has a Jewish mother. Yeltsin also was Jewish.

    • Thanks horse, well appreciated and keep up the great work at vidrebel, now needed more than ever!

    • Btw: I’ve heard the rumors, but if you can back up that claim about Putin, I’d be most curious about it!

      • I have spent the last 2 days trying to determine if Putin is a crypto-jew, and so far I am leaning towards it being disinfo. Most of the “evidence” boils down to his mother’s maiden name being Shelomova. It sounds like the hebrew “Shalom”, but it’s actually a %100 Slavic name. By all accounts she has always been a very devout orthodox christian. Lastly she was a labourer in a factory. Not generally someplace you would find jews working. I could go on, but I am working on a video to address all of this which I can later share with you.

    • Yenenxist in a life of emptiness? permalink

      Your expressiom of grace and ability to look beyond our collective failure,to our selves and understanding that we all individuals of this beautiful living planet , who share equally these moments in time in time we can instead of looking for ways to make our lives experience meaningless and because all of we are conditioned and used to doing is looking at each other and seeing that the name for the well spring from our beginning came forth is different, but to all of you who I hope read this I say this we are all denying ourselves what we can attain, tell your Muslim friends / your Jewish friends / your American friends/ our European friends isn’t it about time we by our actions are the shared new beginning?
      Instead we could when we hear of the people in our local areas say “they are the evil ones ” because there not the same as us , it is up to us to speak up and say no but I have seen maybe we should begin to offer this person a chance of being veiwed as a living soul with emotion rather than by a shameful way of different country race – expression of hate / I say we are all guilty of being wrong in our preconceived ways – we are all of value to each other- and imagine this me you we all collectivley start ted and a unified race of the earth stopped our petty ways of individual right to dominate any person and instead were h ianf allowed each other love , said to each our representatives for our government bodies look we are all under means of control and if we don’t v communicate as a unified brothers and sisters of planet earth, then we might as well comitt suicide , if we all gave up our jobs and said I m going to be a slave no longer, and realised do I reall need all that shit I buy ? What do I really need? Food , shelter and a huge community of people, who in return for the way I may do things to support them in return they will provide me , and I will understand yeah hey I make a lot of emotional out burrs sho I will try to be understanding hey we can grow our own food we might have to go back to living as we did around the dats of around 400 years ago and have to give up shit we don’t really need and do like for like and live without need for any form of money at all , because this is the true equality that is a joy to live inside and to be in a harmonious environment imagine if a collective workforce of millions worked to gether just in appreciation of the efforts of support and care regardless of irmy origins or the way we give our affection to the sorce of our creator then – Rothschild monopoly on our real value our future days to come , then he has lost the war on the collective people of planet earth – live by example let us discussion and br

  8. sam night permalink

    “Through control of money, [the Money Power] have acquired 90% of the hard assets on the planet.”

    do you have evidence to support this percentage? I’d be curious.

  9. andrew permalink

    Rothschild shield in this article.

    I have my doubts that every red shield must equate with the Rothschild influence.
    The color red has special significance in russian and the russian language, and the shield in this instance has a different origin as has the double headed-eagle, which we know most likely originated from byzantium.
    There are some good ad interesting points, however confirmation bias and the desire to join all the dots that every red shield must be Rothschild is a foolish use of intellect.

    We will have a few more years of this american obamunist posturing.

    Consider, what if it is true that putin is the good guy in this? what if it is true that the russian soul as mentioned in the article is a valid option and alternative for a future society?
    Must it therefore be related to the nwo? Must putin’s comments about the nwo therefore mean that he is part of it?
    Must Rothschild and the nwo be the thesis and must putin and russia be the anti thesis?

    I suggest to be vigilant. China is still communist country. Russia is not western democratic, but is Russian democracy worse than the americanization of libya, iraq, afghanistan?
    Note, that in the recent 2013/2014 Afghan elections, the candidates for the “democratic” elections were selected by the american regime. Is that democracy? i think no.

    • Anne permalink

      I entirely agree with this perspective. Putin has helped to re-establish the Orthodox Christian church in Russia and he himself is a practicing Christian. Now of course it could all be pretense on his part but that is not my gut instinct in this case being an Orthodox Christian myself. I believe he is fully aware of what is at play here and is doing his utmost to defend the rights and beliefs of the Russian people and others who wish to be free and sovereign nations. I know I could well be wrong but I don’t believe that the world has been so entirely abandoned by God that every single leader in the world today is on the other side. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but as I say, Putin is an admitted Christian believer and does attend church, so for now I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Before the revolution Russia had been a Christian country since the 10th century that’s a lot of belief, prayers and tradition to completely exterminate in a paltry 70 years.

      • God has not left the world Anne. But the Bible is quite clear: Satan rules in the world, in Russia too. The Pope is a nominal believer too.

        The war is not between Russia and America.

        It’s between the Russian, Chinese, European and American States (all owned by the Bankers) against the peoples of the world.

        • Anne permalink

          You may ultimately be right but I find it difficult to stand in judgement of someone who not only claims to be Christian but also actively supports the Russian Orthodox Church. Christianity has a long history before arriving in the US and yes they may do things a little differently to how some New World Christians believe it should be done but we all still believe and put our faith in the same Lord. I cannot therefore say that I believe President P is owned or one of the others until I see the evidence which will definitely become obvious if such be the case.

          • I understand. I love the Spirit (Jesus Christ), but I’m no friend of Christianity (which worships a man) and its institutions. The Vatican ruled Europe with an iron fist for almost 1500 years and waged a ruthless war against the authentic christian sects that were prevalent throughout the roman empire and beyond. Including the destruction of their subtle texts, saddling us with a corrupt (albeit it still very important) Bible.

            Once you see the difference between Christ and Christianity, it becomes a lot easier to see how organized religion has always been a useful tool for Mammon.

            • Anne permalink

              Hi – I do understand the difference. I left the RC church and after quite a long and involved investigation, prayer and reflection I was led to join the Antiochian Orthodox Church. It was founded by St Paul and Antioch was the first place in the world where Christians actually got the name of Chrisitian as a follower of Christ. Remember Jesus himself instituted the breaking of the bread at the last supper. Many new Christian churches believe they have to avoid any type of ceremonial/liturgical tradition. It is my belief that he wanted us to follow this tradition he introduced to his disciples at the last supper. Others of course feel and believe differently. I say all of this because you keep going on about the Pope and the vatican but they the Romans broke away from the one original church ie the Orthodox Church. Jesus left the one body of disciples to go out and spread the good news.

              The groups/churches they established all over the ancient world all taught the same with small differences related to ethnic/geographical differences. The core message was always the same. For 1,054 years there was only ever one Christian Church. In 1054 the Pope of Rome decided to declare himself above all others and that split became known as the Great Schism. Then of course Luther came in the 1500s (if memory serves me right). So when you speak about Christianity and only relate it to Rome you are effectively wiping out the original history, traditions, teachings and belief of many thousands if not millions of people.

              The RC did a good job of hiding the truth about the roots of Christianity. In terms of Russia and Putin as I say you may well be right and I agree of course as to who the ruler of this world is but please bear in mind that the RC was and is not the only line of Christianity. They chose to breakaway from the Church that Jesus via Peter, Paul and the disciples and followers set up.

              In a nutshell the Church of Rome and Luther are not the only Christians historically. Right now Christians of the ancient churches are suffering terribly, some are even being crucified in parts of Iraq and Syria and I can assure you they are very much real Christians who believe that Jesus died for us but the world doesn’t seem to know anything about them at all. With either one or two exceptions all Christian Orthodox churches are in communion with each other and consider it to be one church. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m trying to be brief on a topic that I could go on about for a long time so if my tone seems a little sharp in places it’s only because I’m trying to be as brief as possible. Thank you for responding to my last comment as well.

              • Nahh permalink

                “It is one of several churches that lays claim to be the canonical incumbent of the ancient see of St. Peter and St. Paul in Antioch. The Oriental Orthodox Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch makes the same claim, as do the Syriac Catholic Church, the Maronite Church, and the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, all of them Eastern Catholic Churches in full communion with the Holy See.”

                So your Church is in communion with the Vatican.

                Furthermore, they all hang up together in Rome. That we sedevacantists say that the See is vacant (empty), because who prays with heretics, like the Greek schismatics for example, are heretics.


                By the way, this is the same for all the devil worshippers of buddhism, hinduism , all together in their building of the new GNOSTIC religion. Masonic.
                And they were all together making them all heretics for the case of Christians and Intellectual whores for the others.

                I would suggest you to look it up more closely into your Church, but if your priest doesn’t accept the Pope you are a very lucky woman, although I don’t think that is the case.

                Patriarch Krill too. By the way he has awarded a communist these days rofl. Really Orthodox of his parts.


                I really hope that Eastern and Western Church reunite but that just can happen when the eastern schismatics repent. I pray everyday for it.

                That is what really amazes me the only attacked Church is Rome when all their “ministers and religious leaders” are together shaking hands at Vatican.

                I know very well the problems since Renascence, much better than most people here, but Jesus gave His Keys to Peter so nothing can’t be done about that. the orthodox recognizes that.

                And by the way the schismatics always accepted the primacy of Rome, and or the Word of God is for all eternity or it’s not the word of God.

       (A Real Eastern Orthodox priest)

                In Charity.
                May God Bless you.

                • Anne permalink

                  God bless you too. I won’t go any further with this as it could probably go on endlessly. I take comfort from the fact that we all put our hope and faith in the Saviour Jesus Christ. We are all human and therefore all prone to sin and error. Our only hope is in him so I will wish you all love in Christ and may God bless you as well.

      • Gerard permalink

        After between 65 and 120 miljoen innocent victims murdered by kuhn-loeb&co, jacob schiff, max warburg and the freemasons with illuminati help. we can surely give Vladimir Putin benefit for his work and rebuilding of Russia. And its also no coincidence that western white people are playing a dirty part in destruction of above mentioned states. It is therefore better to wait on the day of Judgement in wich all people shall be carry away for what they did in their earthly life. And I think WE will be extremely suprised. (And very nice said Anne)

  10. munnyhunny permalink

    Sorry to dump this question in this thread so please don’t hesitate to expunge it or move it elsewhere, however it seems urgent to get some verification/informed discussion on the following which has been an ambush episode. For ease of exposition I copy the text as I posted it to Jason Erb’s site with only minor edits:

    UK MPs to have backbench debate on money creation and society Thursday 20 Nov. 2014.

    1) this as a possible topic for your blog and any radio show appearances;
    2) what is your take on the principles expounded, and the main backers listed, on their site noted below?

    ‘Parliament will hold a three hour debate on the issue of ‘Money Creation and Society’ on Thursday 20th November.

    This will be the first time in 170 years that Parliament has debated money creation.’

    Click to access Backbench-Briefing-Note.pdf

    Judging by the reader comments on one of those web pages, there’s no consensus even on the mechanics of the process of money “borrowing” by the UK Government (principles different from USA/Canada?)

    Sticking to just sterling “borrowing” for simplicity’s sake, if UKGov needs funds to bridge the gap between spending and tax receipts/reserves, doesn’t it just go to the money markets and “borrow” credit (by issuing bonds such as gilts) from banks who create the credit on their books to the extent desired and permitted by their reserves with the central bank / BoE? Presumably some lenders in such bonds markets might be non-banks like insurance companies, pension funds etc and so (presumably) this latter group will not be ‘creating’ credit but lending existing credit only.
    What is a correct statement of the essential principle and why is there so much confusion? Is it obfuscation or something else? I see nothing obvious to suggest that currently the UK BoE or the UKGov Treasury “creates” money itself (disregarding emergency “Bradbury Pound / Notes” issues in 1914 and 2008, heh), the UKGov borrowing would be from private banks… to the extent that there are any left in which it does not already hold a controlling interest lol – but that is a matter of economic substance, not corporate/legal identity.

    The other thing is why now? M. Chang did what I thought was an unsatisfactory interview with Kevin Barrett on monetary reset and gold. I’m guessing you can forget ‘death of the dollar’ so long as you need it to buy oil and other commodities on world markets. Are we being set up for the reintroduction of a gold exchange standard? Interesting things occurring with respect to the Sw. Fr and 25% gold backing proposal…

    Also of course the above focuses on central government deficit borrowing and not on the imposed cost of usury in private commercial and personal credit creation.

    Sorry for the incoherence but this is a product of revisiting this topic after a lengthy hiatus and reading too many webpages too quickly 🙂

  11. Ross N. permalink

    With regards to the BRIC’s What are Zionists up to? Are BRICs part of Zionist cat’s paws and this is a new wrinkle in the dialectic? Or, is it Nation States asserting themselves as Sovereign, despite using the same old tired money power mechanisms.

    In the past, Christian nations were pitted against Christian nations in war in order to dissipate them before the planned hammer blow of mechanized Eastern armies. Russian Soviet Secret Armies were being built in the Urals, This was Zionist plan to bring world under control of the International Soviet i.e. communism. Zionist elite are then insulated with both political and money power.

    Today, there are 194,000 Jews in Russia and only 2,500 in China. Compare that to 5.5 Million in the U.S.

    In 1897, there were 4.3M Jews in Pale of Settlement of Russia. This makes today’s Russia different from the past.

    Pale settlement were not Semites, but instead Khazars not of Abrahams bloodline, or what we call Ashkenazi’s today, who adopted Judaism. They are spread out geographically because they originate from that region.

    Without Jewish footsoldiers it is hard to form goyim sayanims, population shields, and other Zionist Jewish control apparatus. So, we should reject BRIC’s top down money power control mechanism as a step backwards. But BRICs may well have Sovereign intent, and some immunity from Zionism and hence World Government.



    Foreign Office

    November 2nd, 1917

    Dear Lord Rothschild,

    I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

    “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

    I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

    Yours sincerely,

    Arthur James Balfour

  12. Ross N. permalink

    BRICs and next crash harming Armerica in a multicurrency world. Back half of report discusses decline of dollar hegemony.

    However, and this is important – BRIC’s and other currency zones are not appreciably changing banking schemes. The underlying Oligarchial control mechanism is still in play.

    When you go to a private bank you are hypothecated for your credit. You then spend your credit into the money supply (although most people think it is the bank’s money). When you pay off the loan, bank gets first seigniorage.

    When you pay off your house loan, for example, the first 10 or 15 years you are only paying interest. It is not until later that the principle starts to be paid off. This is seigniorage, or first use of money. Even more important, the nature of the credit morphs when it passes through your double entry ledger and onto the bankers. The banker will spend some of the usury back out for labor, buildings, interest on savings accounts and other expenses. But, most of it will pareto into the system and then go on to an upper loop. There while in upper loop, it is not under any velocity pressure, nor does it need to return to a ledger for destruction (the morphing is that credit is no longer credit earmarked for destruction).. In this way, banker credit behaves the same as gold used to. You work your life to pay usury into this scheme. Those that collect the seigniorage get to use high value money to buy depressed prices in the first time portion of the loan cycle.

    Government’s take out loans from banker and then deficit spend in the same way, and any interest paid to banker is captured from the taxpayers. The banker wins again. Heads they win, tails you loose.

    BRIC mechanism may be good in that dollar hegemony will allow sovereign countries to re-assert their sovereignty, but look close and see if they have a private banker parasite attached. Most of them will.

    China has four state banks, and often forgives loans – so their debt/ floating money composition of their money supply tends to stay manageable. In other words, China has some sovereign control over part of their money supply, with a remaining component as private bank credit.

    Of course, money power and state power should not be merged into a vertical pyramid. The advanced solution is to invert the pyramid by nationalizing money using a monetary authority, but not nationalizing banks. Further inversion and devolving power to citizenry is to spend directly into households thus giving the people their money power.

    State Banks work, as the future will soon teach us, but they concentrate power. BRICs are the same money game, but are giving the world an alternative to the dollar.

  13. A very important point about the BRICS countries is that they are all coming off of a half century of being told that the West and particularly the Anglo-American portions of the world are behind everything in the world. Looking over their propaganda at sites such as RT and PressTV (I name these in particular because they have been fundamental in hijacking the alternative media), I constantly see articles and commenters that are reciting dogma directly out of the Communist worldview. These sites are obviously propaganda that tells the truth about some things such as GMO food, the Western world elites (which I fully agree are a problematic group), and the increased police state that we are under. They do not report on the rampant police states that we see emerging in China and Russia (China is likely the world test zone for a total electronic surveillance state), the clampdown on dissent in these countries, and their own historic patterns of empire building. Also, the allegedly hostile West has a huge amount of Chinese and Indian influence that has been imported into the system with enthusiasm. We see a ton of chinese companies moving into the Western world claiming control over physical assets in the absurd way that all corporations do. A large number of key corporations and agencies such as DARPA, Pepsico, and Microsoft to give a few examples are now run by Indian nationals. Hence, while I agree with a great deal of what I read about the West including criticism of the system, anyone applying the same standards must also reject the BRICS and their rampant globalization.

  14. John Cummings permalink

    The US has another big expansion in it imo. At least until the late 20’s/ early 30’s when the next “destroy” wave chance hits the petro-dollar. IMO, the blowoff point comes when Germany gives in and either decides to expand the Euro money supply or they “re-order” it by ending the Euro into something else. Europe is a weight on the global economy and now Germany itself. It can’t go on anymore. When it happens, the dollar will surge against the Euro/new regime and commodities will collapse in price boosting agg. demand. The Oil/Gas boom is filling in the US leakage from globalization and the current account balance is about balanced. Real growth since 2010 minus credit is double that of the 2001-07 expansion in the US.

    This will also flush cash into credit markets and allow the final process into writing off debt from the last boom……….and the real beginnings of the next one.

    The “NWO” term is a pure laugher term. When Calvin(Cohen) brought the Protestant revolution and anti-Christianity into the West, that was the beginning of the New World Order. Most “Christians” can’t figure that out and live in denial. Most are mentally destroyed and useless.

  15. I too want a perfect world with no injustice and don’t want to be led around by the nose by a small group of rich elites. But until that day comes when you can discard these rich elites, you have to work with what you have. I believe the BRICS system is a decidedly different turn to a different economic system and based on the older American model of Hamiltonian credit and manufacturing doctrines. As an American it is embarrassing to see this happening in so many places but not here.
    Yes, I admit it is also run by elites but not the same elites that run the British (Adam Smith economic doctrine of wage and debt slavery) system. Egypt (which is operating on the BRICS system of economics) is imposing tariffs on imports and going to produce within. That turns Adam Smith’s free trade doctrines on its head.

    India will not bow to the WTO on food production (1) trashing Adam Smith once again and will also make indoor plumbing available to 600 million more people (2).
    I don’t believe we can wait for the purists to get control of the world (that may never happen anyway). We have an imperfect world that is very much and always been run by elites of one type or another. We recognize that more today than in the past because knowledge of the world is more accessible to us.

    I’m sure most alternative sites would paint the papacy of the Catholic Church as a hopelessly corrupt and compromised elite institution. If you read Michael Hoffman (3) (I’m a Hoffman subscriber and you should be too –he needs the support) and Maurice Pinay (4) it looks like an easy judgment. Yet the Catholic Church still holds some sway and the current pope has thrown his elite vote in favor of the BRICS development model. And he has just paid a price. I don’t think (because I don’t believe in coincidences) that the death of family members in Argentina (5) (Argentina, BTW, has been at war with Britain for over 100 years – the war over the Malvinas was just the latest overt episode.) was an accident. I think it was an assignation and a warning to the pope from the British banking empire.


    (Warning on the economist – it is the house organ of the city of London and probably majority owned by the Rothschild family)




    • Veritopian permalink

      Hi John, I would suggest if you truly want to live in a perfect world, then please consider the gift-economy model. It alone can deliver genuine peace and security, a real meritocracy, and an end to elites. It is the answer to all the problems, and it’s so simple…

      With any currency there will always be inequality and injustice. Money is all about competition, but humans work much better with co-operation. The co-operative economy *is* the gift-economy.

      The gift-economy is the original and best method of human interaction and it can work, even in a populous technological world, maybe even especially well. It’s the method used by humans for hundreds of thousands of years.

      It brings out the best in people. It removes all artificial limitations on what we do.

      In a gift economy everyone is rich. When we work to enrich our neighbors, we are enriched materially, emotionally, culturally and spiritually. It is the complete solution.

      It removes the cause of almost all corruption and crime: From theft to domestic violence. It releases huge numbers of people from unproductive, or damaging jobs, to do what they want to do.

      In a gift economy, people can’t be manipulated to do things they don’t agree with. In a gift economy wealth isn’t hoarded and kept out of circulation.

      The only other thing we have to do is abolish government, and replace it with the original law of ‘Love your neighbor’, and the jury system for making decisions.

      “The truth is overlooked, not because it’s hard, but because it’s too simple for the sophisticated mind.”

      “There is no hidden knowledge! The whole idea of hidden knowledge is a fraud.”


    • Ross N. permalink

      The BRICs are an administrative pyramid control system that also has money power. Communism and Fascism fall under that same category. It is almost identical to National Socialism. I get that they are delivering the goods, the same as Hitler did from 1932 to 1939.

      America and the West has a facade of liberty i.e. democracy and free trade, but that is really a hidden control pyramid of money power and free trade is only free for predators to take rents. So, we now have a war of hidden money power (the Western Oligarchs) vs the BRICs administrative money pyramid – which has a happy face but always leads to systemic evil. Where is the balance of forces? What systems are in place to prevent abuse in the BRIC system —- there aren’t any. It is a top down control system.

      This notion that we need one set of Oligarchs and glorious leaders to fight another set of power mad oligarchs is not Christian, nor is it a foundation principle of Western Society. We must go on bended knee to our better priest kings? …that notion comes straight out of the Oriental mind…Babylon and Judaics. We have to fund our own dispossession through the usury mechanism, it is galling that people continue to fall for it.

      Humanity has risen out of the muck striving to find balance against his worst instincts.

      It is a simple matter, even easier than the Hamiltonian system to implement a sovereign system. It has already been worked through and can be done overnight with a simple law change. To suggest we go back to Hamiltonian oligarchy with private banking credit and international sovereignty is to cycle back around again in perpetual debt slavery.

      Barring that, we can use local credit and fight against our internal money power parasites. The fact that in America we are parasitized and under mind control is no reason to cheer on the BRICs.

  16. sorry, I posted the wrong link on the last comment.

    Argentine President Argues for Nation to Rely on Domestic Credit

  17. Argentine President Argues for Nation to Rely on Domestic Credit

    • Ross N. permalink

      Argentina got themselves into dollar debts. They became highly leveraged, and the debt instruments came to be held by foreign vulture funds, who then demand nearly face value. This demand on Argentine dollar money supply collapses said supply and drives up the money value through depression. Debt instrument holders then want real assets during the harvest phase.

      The U.S., which has its brain infected by private money parasitism, foisted some of these debts on Argentina. In fact, all of the third world keeps getting raped by this private money bear raiding mechanism. Even Yeltsin’s Russia fell under the spell, forcing their economy into one of extraction, which then has a line of causality straight to Putin and then to today’s BRIC’s as a response. While the BRIC’s are an idea straight out of Goldman Sachs it has morphed into a response to dollar hegemony.

      However, LaRouche is in cognitive dissonance. He is for private money under a Glass Steagall system, yet the Bear Raid mechanism and parasitism of private banking is an output of the same system he supports. Glass Steagall was overturned by usury money straight out of finance. GLB was funded by insurance companies and wall street. IF high IQ means the ability to hold contrary ideas without going crazy, then LaRouche is very high IQ.

      I’m all for domestic sovereign credit and money. It needs to be the people’s credit though, because it is their birthright and not that of a glorious leader. The money power should be locked away in a easily viewed box and controlled by the strongest constitutional law. The verdict of history is very clear on this, and mankind cannot move forward and evolve to his higher self otherwise. Sneaky rent seeking behavior should be ferreted out and prosecuted and this idea is timeless, non negotiable, and a birthright of free men. Otherwise, if we cannot learn, we deserve our shackles of invisible slavery chains.

      The path of sovereign credit should be into households first, so they get first seigniorage.

      Argentina has plenty of shale formations from which to pay the future, so demanding Austerity of them now to pay usurious bond holders shows just how crazy and infected the parasitized mind of Wall Street/Washington has become.

      • I really can’t follow what your point is. the site you link to says:

        “Sovereign money is legal tender (lawful money) issued by a state authority, in Europe by a state’s independent central bank, or the ECB. The counterpart to sovereign money is commercial bank money, i.e. demand deposits on current bank account.”

        I agree sovereign money is issued by a state but would disagree the EU money is issued by a sovereign state. The EU is a banker dictatorship and needs to be smashed and European countries would to well to print their own money and use their own domestic credit. The EU is run by bank oligarchs and is best left on the scrap heap of history.

        The united states needs to take over the fed and move it into the treasury dept. and issue its own money and credit. That’s the Hamiltonian system working within the frame work of a republic. Sergei Glazyev (Makow should read his book) has also suggested Russia do the same. He completely understands the Hamiltonian system and you may well see Russia take over its central bank if their hand is forced.

        I see nothing in the BRICS system that interferes with national sovereignty. instead the system promotes sovereignty. Egypt stays Egyptian. you are confused I think because you don’t understand the nature of the real American system that was used in the beginning of the republic and by Lincoln. Good or bad as a person Hamilton was, you wouldn’t have a country now if his policies were not implemented in the beginning or if Lincoln hadn’t used them during the civil war.

        your foolish to think the world can run on some kind of vague, undefined system of local credit. The world needs massive injections of credit to put people back to work before the genocide of the city of London bankers takes hold. 100 million American have been dropped from the workforce. Only a massive credit injection will turn things around. Bitcoins will not do the job nor will they get mankind to the moon, mars and beyond. That’s a silly assumption

        In the US you must be well aware that the west is shriveling due to drought, yet because of imposed austerity here not even well known technology such as desalination plants (we are surrounded by oceans right) run by nuclear power is on the agenda. The agenda is driven by the green idiots funded by hedge fund vultures that want to impose a solar cell and windmill driven economy. try running a desalination plant on windmills and solar technology! We need a massive credit injection here in the trillions of dollars to turn things around. and we need it now, not five or ten years from now. while you are fiddling with these local credit solutions that may or may not work Rome will have burned to the ground.

        • Ross N. permalink

          You need both credit and money. Credit needs to be injected into paths of production. A monetary authority, or treasury under control of law is NOT what Hamilton was for. Hamilton used every device to empower his group of Federalists, which were private merchant/bankers. Jefferson couldn’t tell if Hamilton was an enemy of the country or a patriot.

          If you are for a separate constitutional monetary authority, or FED that has come under proper political control – then your are not a Hamiltonian. You’ve been reading too much LaRouch confusion. People that leave out certain key points in history or distort them, in order to make their case, are engaging in some sort of mind push that does everybody a disservice.

          Of couse EU money is not sovereign at the moment. It is now credit Euros issued by private banks at about 97% of the supply, same as the U.S. I have described their mechanism in detail in other posts here. Sovereign money systems are mostly money for transactions, and credit to front load the supply chain and also build out needed commons. This is proper system.

          During WW2 in the U.S. we issued credit at 3/8 of 1%, and then promptly blew up and destroyed all the goods and services created. The labor flux energy of a people + machinery, in conjunction with earths bounty – means that humankind can create an enourmous output. We can output more than we can consume with the right system.

          Imagine in peactime what we can do if money and industry were in alignment. There is no way a private for profit banking operation can be in alignment with industry, nor will they issue money in the proper type, channels, and proportions for the good of the people. You ascribe these virtues to Hamilton. I say he had these virtues only temporarily, during the war, and promptly abandoned them afterwards to self aggrandize himself and his private Oligarchs. LaRouch followers misread U.S. Hamiltonian residual policy as an indicator of something that wasn’t there.

          Yes, credit directed into proper channels works – that is no brainer that most here would agree on. Bismark, Hitler, Lincoln, all modern wars, Guernsey islands, Australia, Canada all of proven this theory at various times under different systems. Long before Hamilton, Massachuset bills were spend into circulation, then there was Franklins experiment in Philadelphia etc. etc. etc. Talley sticks spent into circulation in England circa 1200.

          Hamilton pffft. Stop slobbering over the guy.

    • I’m not against Hamiltonian thinking John, although I obviously see nothing in the BRICS bank and don’t really see why a BRICS bank a la the IMF is actually acceptable to the Hamiltonians. I fear they’re putting a little too much of their optimism in that bank.

      I’m not against Hamiltionianism mainly because it should at least dramatically lower national debt, and that’s my minimum requirement for calling something ‘progress’.

      However, Hamiltonian banking, like you already noted, does indeed not end the rule of the rich.

      Normal people will have little access to credit, let alone interest-free credit. Usury will remain 40% of prices.

      Money scarcit would probably improve somewhat, but would hardly end.

      Wall Street would be less capable to simply directly destroy the country, so that’s clearly better.

      The State would become much more powerful vis a vis ‘the market’. The State is not the commonwealth and major States have routinely used systems similar to Hamilton’s. The Money Power has been known to use the system to build up nations. Not in the least the US itself.

      Build up is better than destroy, but on the other hand, there is a cycle to first build and destroy later. The US itself again is a good example.

      States have often been built up to wage war. THat’s another undeniable and hard to swallow implication.

      No, only when we see real devolvement of power, to the common man, only then can we say we are making real headway.

      • Ross N. permalink

        Jefferson’s dying wish…his one do-over if he could have it, was that the Country NOT borrow its own credit. One of the smartest men who ever lived, his biggest regret, was the one thing that Hamilton wanted. Jefferson bought the Louisiana purchase with Gold …gold that was dug out of U.S.soil, in order to avoid having the country go into debt to the first bank. The first bank’s charter was then allowed to lapse. Of course we now know that Rothschild agents fomented the war of 1812 in response to this “lapsing charter” and most of the principle owners of the first bank were later shown to be British agents. These agents were trying to strangle America in its crib.

        Hamilton had some good ideas about tariffs and allowing industry to mature under protection. But, equally he was a private money power advocate, where the country is ruled by an invisible international elite.

        So, this conflating of ideas and painting Hamilton with a glorious patina needs to be resisted. Ideas can stand on their own merit, and our ancestors held both good and bad ideas. We can learn from history and move on. To go back to the same worn out systems is “shame on us” and further – we deliver ourselves bound in slavery voluntarily.

        Jefferson wanted us to have revolution against enemies foreign and domestic, as the freedom is won by the blood of patriots.

        Centralized money power is an enemy of freedom. It takes rents in the form of usury and unlike swaps (across the equal sign) and steals from the mouth of labor. Centralized private money power has little political control and by definition is not representative of the people nor of industry.

        • Jefferson was an idiot who spent too much time having sex with his slaves. he decimated the military and navy at the time to operate without credit to the point where we almost lost the whole country in the war of 1812. damn Jefferson. Gold is useless as money. money is a means of exchange. nothing more.

          • Ross N. permalink

            The Bank of England came into being in only 1694. It was at the END of Jefferson’s life when he finally figured it out. That he figured it out all is remarkable. To this day, we still have people that claim a central private bank is a good thing.

            Yes, we know that Gold is useless of money. But consider at the time, Jefferson used Gold…it came out of the ground then in relative abundance, it was then monetized to prevent DEBTS. I’ve already said, if you were listening, that money is not a division of metal. This particular circumstance, useless gold was used to prevent debt slavery.

            Hamilton was a money power agent who wanted control. It’s real simple, a private bank that can issue the credit of a nation is by definition a privileged perpetual Oligarchy. Hamilton, his ideas, were and are a present danger to humanity.

            The credit of a nation and its usury should not flow to a special class of our supposed betters, who because they have money power, think they are GOD. In actuality, they become Satanic

            Lord Acton…Absolute power corrupts absolutely…

      • Anthony, I don’t think you understand United States history. We have a 200plus year war going with the British Empire. Without constant interference we would not be doing what we are doing now but it is there and you have to deal with it. We at least have opposing factions. Do you not think we are fighting the factions that want to destroy this country? you don’t honestly think we are going to lay down and die for these bastards, do you?

        Unfortunately, every president that tried to prevent British economic and political doctrine from being adopted here ended up dead in office. without Kennedy’s murder we would not have had the Vietnam war. Without the money of George Soros and other hedge fund operatives of the British system sloshing around here and corrupting our political institutions we would have a better place, but we don’t get it for free.

        with all due respect, I think guys like you and Makow are foolish to believe there was ever a time when the elites did not rule civilization. And you better believe that to a poor African, Egyptian, Indian or Pilipino – you and me and Makow and everyone in the west ARE THE RICH. You will not see the rule of the rich end in your lifetime, if ever, and if you suggest we wait for the absolute perfect political solution before we make a change you are condemning a hell of a lot of people to death.

        Do you honestly believe that the common man in the western world did not gain under Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. Whatever else Roosevelt was, or did, he created a rising tide of prosperity for the average American and the western world. Kennedy died trying to extend it and we have had a long string of British puppets since.

        it is naïve to think that mankind can go to the moon for helium-3 – the most advance energy source currently known to man – or explore the outer reaches of the solar system without a government (centralized) money source doing it.

        The BRICS system is based on the Hamiltonian doctrine of economics, plain and simple. You and Mr. Makow need to get up to speed on that – you are both way behind the curve. and of course, there are elites behind the doctrine. That’s the reality of the world. you want to live in a fantasy dream world that is your choice

  18. If you realize that real conquest of the world is taking place on a financial battlefield, then you must also realize that the only thing that can realistically (a popular uprising imo isn’t realistic) oppose the FED reserve cartel is the BRICS banking system. It will prevent the IMF from looting and taking possession of nations by providing an alternative their usurious loans. BRICS will also profoundly impact the FED from funding black projects, foreign revolutions, and military invasions. BRICS loans will allow nations to defend themselves and prosper.

    That’s the short term outlook and therein lies many opportunities for the people to wake up to evils of usury and enact public banking reforms.

    Otherwise, your cynicism will prevail: the current conflicts are merely about which tyrant will oppress us.

    • As long as people believe that States like Russia will provide relief, instead of the only thing that can really make a difference (a popular movement aimed at a clear cut agenda), I believe my cynicism will prevail PM.

      I’m quite convinced that the BRICS bank is the lesser evil compared to the IMF, especially for the countries in the core of the Sino-Russian alliance.

      But that is the choice that evil always offers us: evil, or lesser evil.

      I say no to evil and am only interested in real solutions.

      • Henrique permalink

        Intelligent cynicism must prevail. The naivetè of some is atrocious. Brazil is right now filling public hospitals in the country with “Cuban Doctors” ( Communist Agents ) that come to “help the people” ( most barely speak the language ) under a ridiculous populist program called, obviously, “More Doctors”. Petrobras has been doing massive investments in infrastructure in Cuba, for shady reasons, when everyone knows that Brazilian infrastructure is rotten. Communist influence is spreading like wildfire in the continent, for lack of alternative forces ( other than reactionary and insignificant “Judeo-Christian Capitalists” in the dwindling white middle classes ) and seem clearly to be the dominant ideology of the future. We all know how wonderful it its – Maduro in Venezuela now decided he wants your fingerprints whenever you buy toilet paper, in order to prevent “smuggling” and guarantee every slave receive his hard-earned rolls. “Indian Reservations” are created in minerals-rich lands that are systematically being taken over by Chinese mining companies. Guess the Chinese and Natives really get along wonderfully.
        But at least, G-d Willing, we’ll be free to wipe our own asses in peace.

      • Anthony, how is this for a real solution? Egypt is racked with poverty. Its economy has been wrecked by the IMF and foreign intervention. Its people are desperate. Now, under el-Sisi, they are doubling the Suez canal which will triple its income. It will build a massive industrial complex along the canal. The work will all be done by domestic companies. They will soon add nuclear plants. They will begin to make products at home and it looks like they will dump British Adam smith free trade policies and impose tariffs to do this.
        To do this, they are using Lincoln’s greenback policy of issuing domestic bonds which only Egyptians can buy. They keep their sovereignty. Egyptians are now going to work on a massive scale with some 30,000 construction workers to be hired and that doesn’t count the spin-off jobs.

        Isn’t this a good and proper use of currency? No, the bonds will not be interest free. Yes, the rich are still in charge of the world – we haven’t yet solved that. And, I read somewhere that el-sisi is jewish and just an Israeli pawn. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.

        To the purists like Makow, who writes books and is willing to shove as many rottenchild dollars into his account as he can without conscious and without creating a job, what does he expect the poor of the world to do? This is not about currencies this is about economics and economic development. What are African supposed to do while suffering under British banking slavery where in a country like Sierra Leone there is one doctor for every 75,000 people? If they wait for the purists they’ll be dead.

        yes the rich are still in charge of the world but the purists aren’t changing anything with their books and they take all the rottenchild dollars they can get while much of the world suffers under the genocidal policies of the city of London’s banker’s policies.

        • Ross N. permalink

          Greenbacks were not promises to pay money later, they were themselves the money. They were not borrowed, there was no interest on them, and they did not add to the national debt. The borrowing was a scheme of Salmon Chase, who wanted interest bearing treasury notes at 3.6 for small denominations and 7.3% for large. These treasury notes were not legal tender but receivable for taxes and public dues. They were also redeemable in gold and circulated alongside private banknotes until December of 1861. ON that day, all private banks suspended convertibility (law change) of their banknotes into coins and closed the gold market.

          Congressman Spaulding of Buffalo New York, WITHOUT TREASURY SUPPORT, introduced a Bill in Congress to create legal tender money – the Greenbacks. Spaulding called a spade a spade because he knew the banks had not enough gold. Greenbacks were the same as gold – they were floating money.

          When Egypt issues a bond to attract money of the people, it is sucking existing money from the supply toward itself. NOT creating money, unless there is a hypothecation mechanism. This is decidedly unlike the Greenbacks – so please stop conflating the two mechanisms. Greenbacks were created from nothing as seigniorage against the existing money supply.

          The Egyptian scheme may work as the canal can pull more foreign EXISTING money toward itself as fees, which then fluxes out to pay the 12% interest of the bond holders. If the scheme fails, Egpyt is in debt to its own people, and it has law sovereignty so debt contract can be canceled.

          The Russian deal, likely denominated in Rubles, will likely have a contract where the usury is also denominated in Rubles. If Egypt cannot grab Rubles out of the future “world” money supply, then they cannot pay the contract.

          Always look closely at the contract and its elements. Usually there is some sort of creditor advantage and it is wrapped up in the usury mechanism. To buy the Russian nuclear technology is Egypt going to use existing money (dollars?), or get a Ruble loan (new Ruble credit money)from Russia? If Egypt engages in borrowing which has hypothecation as its mechanism, then it is credit not GREENBACKS, and worse, the credit loan will be denominated outside of Egypt’s sovereignty.

          Usually contracts are not an unalloyed good, as man is a rent seeking animal – and hence the contract needs to be examined closely. The vertical administrative pyramid Putin controls may or may not be “for the people” but it is still a top down pyramid control system.

          The founding fathers of the U.S. had no desire for their posterity to come under top down pyramid control, invisible money power or otherwise. Greenbacks are an element of that freedom, where this type of floating money can be used for transactions, allowing laboring citizens to trade their output efficiently.

          • Thanks Ross, we are at least getting somewhere by putting some discussion on the table.
            There is much more than the canal being built. A tunnel will be built under the canal, a massive industrial park built, Railroads are planned, and a water policy will be put in place to green Egypt for agriculture.
            Lincoln’s war bonds came into being when the money powers cut him off from credit so he created it. In Egypt money is now moving around without outside credit of the usual suspects. economic protection- tariffs, another old American economic policy – are also being implemented. people are going to work.


            I don’t know how anyone can say that this is just the same old new world order politics at work. it is not perfection but u never get that. you have to work in the real world. The purists are going to be left in the dust. This is all based on the early American economic system of Alexander Hamilton and his policies on manufacturing. The British, Venetian, Roman economic order is now under siege.

            • Ross N. permalink

              Jan 17 1863, after passage of National Bank act, which codified private banker money power, Lincoln told Congress, “Such a uniform currency can be furnished by banking association, organized under a general act of congress.” Lincoln supported banker privilege to create private credit as money. And also, “I think it is my duty to express my sincere regret that it has been found necessary to authorize so large an additional issue of U.S. notes…..”

              It’s perfectly right and proper that the commons be improved with Credit of a country. It is better to take a nuanced view of your heroes though. After the credit disappears the improved commons remain. But, borrowing a money unit type outside of your sovereignty is a monetary mistake too often made.

              With regards to Hamilton, he was on target during the revolutionary war, but after the war he was a dirtbag. He and his buddies bought up war bonds on the cheap, and then used them at face value to capitalize the bank. This was blood credit of patriots. The credit of a country was used for private gain.

              The Venetians were good in the beginning of their empire as they has some of the most advanced ideas on good contracts and were also advanced against usury. Later, after around 1200 they were corrupted. They got involved with the east west mechanism and used Jews as their proxies with Muslims at Alexandria. The slave trade, spice trade, and east west all worked together as a control mechanism to harvest humanity. Their involvement in the fourth crusades, while duplicitous, did unlock all of the gold consecrated in Byzantium. This ended the dark ages, ahemm greatest depression.

              British were good on money prior to the BOE private takeover in 1694. Then a private bank hosted a population, and the credit of a country was used for private gain. Prior to BOE takeover, British had talley sticks and some coins.

              Romes economic order was good from 790BC King Numa period on till about the second Punic War. At that time they switched from fiat copper money to precious metals and came under thrall of the Orient (middle eastern) usury systems. We are still under thrall to Oriental “jewish” babylonian ideas of metal as money and private credit as money.

              The highest form of money is a division of the law…not debt instruments and certainly not metal. Morality can be encoded into the law well in advance, and it prevents sneaky dirtbags from taking rents on the people.

              Austrians and LaRouchians conflate too many wrong ideas and come up with some oddball notions that do not comport with real history.

              In my opinion an ideal money supply is controlled by law with a Constitutionally protected non populist fourth branch of government. There is both sovereign credit and sovereign money in the right proportion. Any country can do this. Spending directly into families instead of through special interests can be codified into the law. This inverts the pyramid, and government then serves the people.

              As long as it is some sort of top down pyramid system, count me as disappointed. Putin and all of the others are continuing the same con game that goes all the way back to Babylon.

              All of the coming economic gains of Egypt or Africa could be done better and faster with a real “bottom up” money/credit sovereign system. A sovereign system will also lead to a balanced domestic economy, not one tilted for the “international.”

              Absent that, local mutual credit with good law control would be preferable to pyramid Oligarch battles, where the people eventually get trampled in war led by a psychopath great leaders.

              • There was never anything good about the roman and Venetian monetary systems. Today’s unjust monetary and laws systems are the direct descendants of the Rome’s monetary and law systems

                I’ve dropped a link to a series of video below, made by a Venetian and probably about an hour long video made by a Venetian, which gives a quick history of Venice. It quickly explains that venetians came from Rome about 600BC and actually had to slug it out until they built Venice up. The video doesn’t explicitly state it but the roman families that came to Venice in about 600 AD were the elite families of Rome Empire who left Rome because it was untenable to them and also wanted to depopulate it. Rome’s population eventually fall to about 25,000 before it rises again. The lineage is the Roman system moves to Venice. The Venetians figure out they can never control the world through force alone and develop a system of infiltration and spy networks to accomplish what they can’t accomplish militarily. They imbed themselves in the Dutch royal system and then move to Britain. Weirdly it is something like the invasion of body snatchers.

                Here in the USA where the battle has been to keep them out. The battle has been between the adherents to Alexander Hamilton’s policy of manufactures which include the use of domestic credit to build the US vs. the Adam Smith economics of the British/Dutch/venetian/Romans, We’ve never been totally successful – they have a habit of killing our presidents they don’t like –Lincoln, McKinley, Garfield and JFK- at least. Some of the deaths of other of our president’s are questionable and imply poisoning. Webster Tarpley also puts FDR on the assignation list, poisoned by the artist who was painting his portrait. Stalin made a big stink about it because his ambassador was not allowed to view FDR’s body.

              • When I mention Hamilton, I am talking about the policies and not the man or his actions. Just to be completely fair I’ve even read the first Bank of the USA was Rothschild owned but I can’t trace that down and yes it appears Hamilton shafted the soldiers who held some of the war debt (how is that for giving your opponents ammo? I mention it only to keep the discussion honest- I’m under no one’s spell) The USA wouldn’t be here as an independent country if it were not for his policy of manufactures which invested in the country in the early days under the presidencies of Washington and John Quincy Adams and then Lincoln picks up the policies during the war. Later Bismarck, in Germany, picks up these distinctly American policies of domestic credit for infrastructure and Germany becomes an economic powerhouse which convinces the British they have to completely destroy Germany. It takes two world wars to turn Germany into a vassal state of the British Empire.

                These economic policies come from the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay colony and a guy named Mathers and gets picked up by Benjamin Franklin and is what the American Revolution was really all about.

                I think it is important to recognize none of these older figures in history are pure good and there are elite hands in all of them. Franklin is portrayed as both a genius and a freemason devil member of the Hellfire club. Washington was a mason, what it meant to him I don’t know. Lincoln was a Rosicrucian, some kind of freemason offshoot. FDR has plenty of written history of being an occultist or genius who saved the USA. Kennedy is the most interesting to me, of an elite family; he didn’t live like the rest of us. Yet he was different. He used to joke to his brother RFK that it would be a good day to go to the theater –a reference to the Lincoln assignation. JFK knew his policies had him marked for death yet he battened down the hatches and pursued them until his death. Much of the same applies to RFK.

                You don’t get purity in the real world.

              • My real problem with the comments that real credit and money should rise from the bottom is that only a government can move to implement policies like the ones taking place in the BRICS countries. We are now in a period where the British/Dutch/Venetian/Roman Empire has decided to liquidate most of humanity (the agenda 21 thing if you want to call it that but these people have been doing this for thousands of years). And if we have to wait for little currencies to float up to the top and take control of the world (if it ever happens at all) we will all be dead during the wait. Yes the book sellers will have lots of Rothschild dollars in their accounts telling us how all sides are against us but the rest of us are doomed.

                Civilization has always been controlled by elites we are now just more aware of it and yes let us work away to inform and help people break away from their control. I like to tell people don’t buy anything under a loan deal and keep your money in your pocket. Don’t buy that new car under a loan, buy an older vehicle for cash and deprive them of the usury. Especially, stay out of their stores and don’t buy what you don’t need. And especially, get rid of your TV and use the internet for news to deprive them of their cable revenues.

                But you also have to recognize that elites break up into factions too. The BRICS represent a faction that supports a higher population density by using science as an economic driver and that gives us little guys some breathing space for a while. In Egypt it is literally genocide or build. Fortunately, they a have a leader who will build to support a higher population density. Yes there are probably elites behind the scenes guiding it. That’s how the real world works.
                This battle of elite factions has gone on since the beginning of time and boils down to the question of are people (population density) a negative or a plus for an economic system. You can see it as far back as the Greek god Zeus, who really represents real oligarchs of the day but goes back so far in time that we don’t know their names, vs. Prometheus, who represents humanity or mankind. It is Aristotle, representative of the oligarchs, vs. Plato, representative of mankind. Alexander the great was a great builder of cities assassinated by the Oligarchs. Charlemagne was a great builder. All the while you have the Romans and Venetians on the other side as the enemies of humanity always pursuing genocide as a control mechanism.

  19. It’s a big jump for many in the West to realise Vladimir Putin is not the hero they hoped for … and that he indeed is a “partner” of US-Nato (Putin’s own word!) … in fact a ‘partner’ in plans of creating a series of failed states, including not only Ukraine, but also both the US and Russia themselves, as the late stages of the NWO Money Power game.

    The Ukraine bloodbath, with thousands dead (tho both sides motivated to hide the figures), is really the ultimate proof. Vladimir Putin very clearly helped ‘set up’ the civil war, after the US-Nato-EU funded the putsch in Kiev, overthrowing the government, installing thugs threatening Russian speakers and taking away their rights. Putin first misled and then mostly abandoned those Russian people in a pure NWO betrayal: (1) Putin promised to protect Russian speakers near Russia’s border (2) He encouraged the Donbass (East Ukraine) regionals to hold referenda on independence … Then after the referenda, Putin did NOT do what those poor people and his fans expected – a quick move to partition Ukraine, which he could have done with spilling little or no blood, as he did in Crimea.

    Putin did nothing after the Odessa massacre with those Satanic killings, burning many Russians alive and strangling the pregnant woman. That was Putin’s ‘moment of truth’ … instead Putin took exactly the role of an NWO stooge … he gave just enough back-door support to the rebels to keep an ugly civil war going, killing thousands and slowly laying Ukraine to waste as a failed, ruined former nation, with hate and blood pouring. And Putin is actually de-stabilising Russia itself, because huge anger is building over his abandonment of Ukraine Russians to be killed on a genocidal scale, and why Putin is allowing Nato mercenaries on his doorstep.

    Putin fans like ‘Vineyard Saker’ are jumping through hoops, inventing tortured excuses for why he is letting thousands of Russians be killed after his promises … that it is somehow ‘tactical’ or ‘strategic’ … but that makes no sense, ‘sanctions’ were coming anyway, and if China is backing him, there is no big worry. Putin was quite tough in Georgia 2008 and Syria 2013, when his NWO role was that of embarrassing the USA … yet now, in Ukraine, his front door, ethnic Russians themselves being killed, clearly a place for Putin to draw a line and prevent massacres of Russians … Putin is suddenly ‘the wimp’, with even Russian media such as Russia Today, getting very weak in opposing the blatant lies and propaganda of US and Nato. We are supposed to believe Putin now suddenly feels compelled to appease a declining USA & a laughably weak EU? Putin helped degrade the USA in Georgia & Syria … now it is the reverse in Ukraine, Putin submits to US-Nato like Obama and Bush submitted earlier to Putin.

    Many other things factor in now, adding to the ‘Putin is NWO’ evidence file. For example, Putin indulging the hoax with ‘CIA Operation Fake Dissident Edward Snowden’ … Edward Snowden who it turns out is tied to USA’s Dick Cheney and Zbig Brzezinski, and in fact never ‘stole’ any documents, which the CIA feeds directly to ‘Snowden journalists’ like Glenn Greenwald who was working for the Rothschild family. The detailed report at Putin’s own Moscow intelligence agencies, makes clear the multiple motives of the Snowden fraud to help terrorise the world, entrap and destroy real dissidents, and promote the CIA media helping to kill Russians.

    Although Eddie Snowden is yet another NWO scheme, Putin seems to be playing along, despite his prime chance to embarrass his American ‘partners’. For those not familiar with the Snowden hoax that has deceived much of the world, here is the report in Moscow at Russia’s SVR and FSB security agencies, making clear Snowden is a fake, beyond any doubt – ‘Russia gov FSB SVR report, Snowden Greenwald are CIA frauds pt1’

  20. Interesting to note that Zionist expert Texe Marrs goes out of his way to defend Putin in his interview with Jeff Rense here:

    • Thanks Jana………………..

      Jeff himself is also quite obviously under the Putin spell………

      As I said in the article: perhaps we should be focusing a little less on people and a little more on what they’re exactly doing.

      Of course this would imply trying to understand what we actually want them to do, or what it is they’re doing we don’t like.

      But the fact is: we hate Jewish bankers, but God only knows why, hahahaha 🙂

      • this is silly nonsense talking about people being under Putin’s spell. we need less one liners and more facts, which we are not getting here. who believes any politician anywhere is clean? who does not understand that the money powers have factions and influence in every country? so where do you go to get a clean government? Mars! Maybe they are there too. The reality is that you have to work with the world you have. you also heave to recognize that all governments have opposing factions – and which of course neither is as good as you like.

        • That’s not the point John. The question is not whether Putin has ‘clean hands’, the question what the BRICS bank means and it means more globalist banking, more Money Power.

          The Alternative Media is in many respects simply cheerleading what the Bankers want anyway and this is a little saddening.

          • As a virtual candidate for the US Presidency I take a strategic anti-Putin, anti-Russian, anti-Obama, anti-Anglo-Saxon pro-American stance. My choices for Secretaries of Defense, State and Commerce would embody this posture.

  21. This video may also be interesting for people who have been impressed by the nonsense about the “royal families” claiming !King David and such as ancestors. It really is all about money and nothing to do with “royal lines” and ancient mystical connections. The power has been in the hands of the homeless trvelling trader, the Habiru – and I suppose the Phoenicians who seem to have become the Venetians.

    An interesting Webster Tarpley essay (actually the transcript of a lecture given in Germany) called The Venetian Conspiracy is very interesting. He says that the 4th Crusade was a catastrophe for humanity, because it was through all the upheaval at that time that brought the Black Guelphs so much power – and they are the so called “royal family” in London. What a bunch of disgraceful people.

    • Yes, in Mammon’s Empire numbers trump everything. Net worth is what matters.

      The stuff about the Black Guelphs is fascinating. The most excruciating bit is how they crushed 14th century Europe by taking Silver out of circulation. And people wonder if the bankers can control specie?

      And how they were already at the time giving loans in exchange for parts of the Commons.

  22. Veritopian permalink

    Hi Anthony, I’ve been having problems leaving comments on this post, and was wondering if you had blocked me? If so I will respectfully leave you alone. If not, I will investigate further. Thx…
    (I just tried removing my blog address from the details, see if it helps…)

    • nonono Veritopian, not at all! There is only one person on my blocklist and it’s not you!

      • Anthony Migchels if their would be a possibility to take out the global bankers and elites would you do it or help it out?

    • Yes, it got spammed, it’s there now!

      • Veritopian permalink

        Thanks Anthony. So WordPress has decided to regard my blog as spam. Nice.
        Funny how it happened when I started writing about the law & gift-economy together…
        The more I think about it, the more sense it makes, please have a look at my latest posts if you have a moment, I’d like to know what you think. 🙂
        veritopian (dot) blogspot (dot) co (dot) uk

  23. John Pick permalink

    Hidden in Plain Sight !!!! Thank you for pointing this out, excellent I never saw this until now !!!!

  24. Here’s a good analysis of growing Iran capability by Rixon Stewart of the Truthseeker.

  25. It is I only permalink

    Tonio ! Tonio ! Tonio ! What are you talking about?? Just when you were showing the Russian coat of arm & telling us that it’s Rottenchild coat of arm???? I don’t need anything else from you!

    • Yes…….Haven’t they been telling you this?

      Just a little pointer. Highly irrelevant in the face of the rather substantial issues of control of Russia through Oil and banking and handing China (without whose backing Russia would be powerless) the US manufacturing base.

      I can only offer facts and the obvious conclusions, I’m not in the business of ‘convincing’ anybody It is I only!

      I do always hate losing people’s patronage, but I think that this blog is very inconspicuous and small time mainly because facts have never been very popular.

      • Nahh permalink

        That is not Rothchild coat of arms. You should do your research before that.
        And that eagle represents the alliance between Church and State, since Byzantine Church. This stories about symbols should be properly understood. Masonic and gnostics get some symbols and change their meaning, they also use to confuse people, like blame the Jesuits (mainly in US).
        The Jesuits were a really holy order.
        Now the Church went underground but it is alive still (mainstream Church is dominated by masons and useful idiots).
        The symbols that were kept were the ones that helped in evangelization, you can read in the Bible, St Paul saying about the Greek God that has no name (so using the same method).
        The triangle symbolizing the trinity. (what else would you use ? o.O)
        For example, the upside down cross is the way St. Peter was crucified. So they use that to say to stupid protestants that the Catholic Church is from the Devil.
        The Catholic Church was the last bastion against the masonic plot (they even say that in various occasion).

        I agree that probably Russia is not a real solution, but I’m not sure yet. Give it up banking in a scenario of eminent war would be suicide.

        Also I can’t understand why he promotes Christianity and recently bashed the role played by the Jews about the Communist Party. And he is against Nazism at the same time. Everything on spot.
        Some people say about his marriage but as he answered he wasn’t married (good sign recognizing that marriage is a sacrament, and not paper), also in USSR it was very common to use women as spy for the party and arranged marriages so I would give him some credit here.
        But maybe he is just a new Hitler or Napoleon. They all used the same tactics.
        The thing is that if we had a good leader in any other nation they could use Putin as leverage in his good actions but they don’t.

        Also Putin always let clear that he does not care about other countries so to put our confidence in him saving the world is non-sense. He will do nothing to help us against communists either, because he would have lots of trouble inside his country.

        The way I see it they will channel the religious people to destroy each other(probably in the war between Israel and the muslins), I guess Putin is somewhat legit but just a miracle to bring something good of his efforts. Also bashing communists openly is not possible yet, maybe the next generation, as they are starting to go back to the classic Russian culture.(legitimacy)

        Also Russia has no debt so I don’t know what you are talking about being controlled. (less than 10% of GDP and it can be paid right the way with reserves, also the debt is coming down, they keep it because of trade). You can’t just ignore FMI and things of the kind, you would just go underwater.

        I guess you have no option than gold to trade internationally, ideally. That should be the proper use for gold or other commodity of the kind. Countries like Japan have no other alternative than be a good trader. You should have a currency board to control the money inside (without usury and properly controlled) relatively to gold. (a.k.a mercantilism, or something of the kind).
        Japan is somewhat independent too, if they enter in agreement with China & Russia, US and Europe would be in deep trouble. I wouldn’t be so sure of the alliance between them.

  26. ask and you shall receive: great subject matter Anthony. I will give a try to rebuttal

    Putin is part of the matrix you say, but Kennedy and Lincoln were also part of the matrix at one point in their careers.

    the Rothschild quote of let me control a nations money is interesting in that Sergey Glazyev advocating Russia printing its own form of greenbacks(1). here in the US I’m an advocate of the Lincoln greenback form of money which goes back to the Hamiltonian ideas on credit and manufacturing where credit is used to build infrastructure. I know I will read here soon that Hamilton was a Rothschild agent, that the first bank of the united states was also Rothschild owned and that Hamilton was Jewish and changed his name – all of which may be true.

    Also interesting is that Makow has a post on Glazyev today which I believe is the most ill-informed post Makow has ever done. and don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of Makow’s subject matter but he struck out on this one. he should read Glazyev’s book for starters. (C’mon Henry you can do better!)

    your worst point is that the BRICS bank only want a new gold standard but, the gold standard you speak of is a return to an updated Bretton Woods standard that American lived under until Nixon took the USA off it in 1972 (I think). This is not Ron Paul’s gold standard of austerity where we all walk around with gold coins in our pockets. It is just the opposite. it is based on the American ideal of credit to build infrastructure (Hamilton, Lincoln, Bismarck in Germany in the 1890’s, Kennedy and the atoms for peace and the Apollo missions. See this type of credit used for infrastructure at work in Egypt right now putting people to work building a new Suez canal and soon nuclear power plants (2). See as china reaches for the moon in a helium-3 project for nuclear fusion(3).




    A note on why I use LaRouchepac articles. The answer is simple: there is no one else who has put the time in to do the in-depth studies except Lyndon LaRouche’s organization. Jeff Steinberg and his crew have been at this for forty years at Executive Intelligence Review (EIR).in fact the idea for a BRICS bank is abut a 30 year old LaRouche idea as is the new silk road china project and many of the development ideas coming to the forefront just now like helium-3 and nuclear fusion. If anyone has other sources please post them.

    this is not a simplistic subject. the more talk the better it is for all. all pro’s and cons welcome.

    • Ross N. permalink

      I find this somewhat true to monetary science, but missing a key point. The state can issue the credit of a people into channels of production. Franklin’s experiment in the Philadelphia colony was also along the same lines of the others, especially Bismark. Spending state credit into production, especially if it is into the commons, then leads to a beneficial cycle. It is non usurious in that the interest is paid for with improved productivity. The path of the usury is back into the state to then reduce taxes. The interest/usury fluxes back out into the money supply by beneficial spending rather than being trapped.

      Here is a telling comment from second Larouch link

      , “”This is a good solution, in my opinion, to maintain the canal’s property for the Egyptian state.”

      Dr. Ghada Ibrahim, financial analyst at Capital Securities Brokerage, said the investment certificate is the best tool to provide the needed funds for such a mega-project without putting national security at risk. “Financing through the stock market was an inappropriate means at this time,” he siad, “as foreign capital was likely to try and enter the market under local names or institutions to control stock performance”

      In other words, it would be Russian State credit to fund a mega Canal project, and the credit Rubles will flow back to Russia to purchase their goods and technology. All usury from Credit loans converts to floating money and this money type will lose velocity and then get trapped in credit issuing banking channels. In the case of Russia credit loans to Egypt, the usury likely denominated in Rubles, will go back to Russia to be trapped and hence make Rubles scarce in Egypt. This will give usury credit power to Russia.

      In other words, while it is a beneficial path of productivity, if loan is strucutured outside of your law, then it violates proper economic principles. Egypt will not be able to collapse the contract using law, and will have to pay exponential usury Rubles to the Russian state.

      The contract should be written such that usury on a Russian state loan can be paid out of Egypts surpluss productivity, not a foreign money type. Then it will be a non usurious loan and meet proper principles. Will when man learn?

      The IMF regularly allows credit loans to the third world, denominated in dollars, and those dollars soon leave the local third world money supply. BUT, the debt contract remains and grows with usury. Said debt contract is hung on the whole population, but the original dollars cycled narrowily into elite hands and then pyramided away into foreign dollar based banking centers.

      To my mind, the BRICs are using the banking game against Western Bankers. But we know, that bankers like thieves, recognize each other, and are familar in each others company.

      Maybe the State Banks of China and Sovereign control of Russia central bank are for their people instead of control Oligarchy. When administrative pyramids, or financial pyramids stop playing the con game and start adhering to real monetary science, then we will know they are for the people.

    • LaRouche was ridiculing the BRICS back when the BRICS was still mostly an idea in some banker’s head. LaRouche is a long-time political supporter of the Clintons after Bill freed him from the political prison that the elder Bush threw him in.

  27. joekano76 permalink

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

  28. Henrique permalink

    The most complete article so far – pity no one reads. It will be the day when Neocon Drudge links to this one. You would be overwhelmed by the tidal wave of idiots anyway…
    Only part that annoys me is “American Empire, which has served the Plutocracy well, but is now, with its heavily armed and fiercely independent people”. They’re not all that “fiercely independent” anymore, you know – either cheerleaders for the Glorious Military Police, or mindless bleeding hearts for all “oppressed minorities” possible and imaginable, i. e. Ferguson .

    • Thanks Henrique, well appreciated!

      I know exactly what you mean, of course. The marxist city dwellers on either coast are not who I was having in mind, but I think there still is some of the American Spirit left in the South, Mid West and states like Montana.

      But point well taken, no doubt.

  29. “You don’t solve banking by starting your own, you solve banking by providing interest-free money” No you don’t. You eliminate banking by eliminating money, and create a co-operative non-hierarchical environment in which all goods and services are made available at no cost. Free energy technology, 3D printing, advanced suppressed technology, and suppressed discoveries (Nikola Tesla’s work and many others), and the suppressed truth about the causes of illness and their treatments: energy medicine, nutrition, need to be made freely available to everyone.

    Money is slavery by proxy:

    • Nono, I don’t agree. Mind you, an interest-free economy will see dramatic decline in the importance of money. Everything will be about assets and resources, no longer about money.

      I don’t really see how we can do away completely without money. People desire quid pro quo. Money provides access to resources for investment and regulates fair ‘competition’ for these resources between different initiatives.

      The problem is not money itself, but how control of its supply is used to enslave us through Usury, scarce money, inflation, deflation, banking etc.

  30. Carol Ann permalink

    Wow, Great article! Finally… someone who has put all the pieces together of the puzzle.

    Yes, it is a group of ancient bankers of a diverse surface religio-ethnic background, who are running all humanity into the ground. You have a great grip on the underlying plan and its mechanisms of control. Their main shared trait is a diabolic evil intent to destroy all good and bring all world resources unto themselves. They are externalizing because they have a strangle grip on all now. They systematically eliminate the intelligent and aware.

    And usury is their ancient strangle device.

  31. Hello wrong headed. The US dollar is the NWO currency for now and the future. No one else has drones and smart bombs with the accuracy to exterminate on demand the opposition. B52s etc will bring great damage to you suburb if you violate the rules of the US dollar. Do not bet against the dollar, ever. Thanks to my advisor and medium Loco Lolla. She stays on top of the currency questions for me.

    • I appreciate all contrarian positions including the very deep idea of continued rule by the Dollar, but for now I’m sticking to the ‘Dollar is Dead’ mantra Duane!

  32. Hi Anthony, good article, but I’d still like to convince you that the Gift Economy model is far superior to any money-based economy, with or without usury… 🙂

    The gift economy is practical and possible, and it solves most of the world’s worst problems in one very simple move. The main benefit of a gift economy is the removal of fear and insecurity: No theft. No homelessness. No coercion. People would own their homes outright, and other things would be owned in common.

    The gift economy has huge positive cultural benefits: It’s the natural model for humans, and it’s the only model in which a true meritocracy is possible.

    In a gift economy, there’s no possibility of financial crime. There’s much less chance of bribery or corruption in general. People would not be coerced into doing things they didn’t agree with. They would have the independence to do what they wanted to do. There would never be any need for anyone to steal anything, because if they needed it, all they’d have to do is ask, and their community would provide it…

    Instead of having to spend your whole life working for a nice home with some land, everyone would be given that right at the beginning of their adult lives. The basics would all be provided, and we’d never have to worry about that. This means they would be free to put their creativeness into making a better world for everyone, in the way they wanted to, and not working just to stand still.

    A gift-economy tends towards a semi-rural lifestyle, with everyone living in self-sufficient villages. There’s plenty of scope for different styles of living, but self-sufficiency is the natural way for people, and it’s easy to acheive. The world has plenty of land and resources to make all this possible.

    Please see my blog for more discussion… 🙂

    • Yes, I’ll look into it Veritopian. I’m not saying when, but I will.

      The idea of ‘no money’ is quite widespread and I’ll have to deal with it at some point.

  33. Nice article. Thanks

  34. nazareneisrael permalink

    Another great article. Thanks.

    Norman B. Willis Apostle, Nazarene Israel The Original Faith of the Apostles

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