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Bloomberg, the dying Fed and the birth pangs of the new Gold Standard

by on January 31, 2013

Left: Michael Bloomberg, smirk ‘n all

A few days ago, Bloomberg published a chart that has been well known in the Alternative Media for years, showing how the Federal Reserve Bank debased the dollar since 1913. They had been on the Fed’s case before. Bloomberg’s efforts mimic those of the Alternative Media and perfectly serve the wider agenda: the Money Power’s efforts to get rid of the Fed and move to a Gold Standard, which is being erected as we speak.

There are a number of interesting things about Bloomberg. It is owned by Michael Bloomberg (Blumberg), who became one of the richest men in the world according to the official lists. He’s also the Mayor of New York and as such one of the most influential politicians in the US. Bloomberg was financed by Merrill Lynch to found Bloomberg L. P., a publishing powerhouse mainly aimed at the financial information ‘niche’, a market worth about 20 billion per year of which Bloomberg takes about 30%. All this is on Wiki.

Bloomberg is one of the few Mass Media Empires that is actually doing well. It’s growing quickly, and opening up all sorts of new branches, like Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg Government and Bloomberg View (opinion). Not bad, in the middle of a Great Crunch and not quite the death spiral that most of their colleagues seem to be in.

Bloomberg is basically the only Mainstream outlet that has been fairly consistent in its mildly critical approach of the Fed since the credit crunch began. Its main ‘achievement’ was forcing the Fed to disclose at least some of its lending to the big banks during the crunch. They hammered through a Freedom of Information request after months of litigation.

And now there is this chart. Here’s the YouTube vid:

Of course, both ‘disclosures’ by Bloomberg are completely innocent, in the sense that they do not give up any secrets. Both before 2011 and today it was and is well known that the Fed had been handing out massive amounts to insider banks and the chart in the video is a cliche in the Alternative Media.

But it is remarkable how the commentator in the video automatically relates that it all started when we went off the Gold Standard and the Fiat Empire began. Doesn’t get more Austrian than that.

Since Bloomberg is so clearly a leading insider media outlet, it is interesting to wonder what’s up with this, albeit ultra mild, Fed ‘bashing’.

It certainly fits with the incredible impact Ron Paul has had. With the help of mainly Alex Jones, he managed to take over almost the entire ‘Truth Movement’ and his stooges are now renaming it the ‘End the Fed Movement’. During the primaries, several Republican candidates, including New Gingrich, started calling for the reinstatement of a Gold Standard, which is the implied automatic alternative to the Fed. Mitt Romney actually promised a Gold committee to study the proposal, should he be elected. As we know, Paul was instrumental in getting Romney the ticket.

It does really look very much like the Dollar (in its current form) and the Fed are end of life and the only real question seems to be how long they will last. At this point they still look viable, but pressures build up and at some point they break through, surprising us while we were waiting for it to happen.

All this is of course integrally linked to the Empire itself, which is built on the Petro-Dollar. Because oil must be paid in dollars, which can be printed at zero cost and be spent into circulation by the Powers that Be. Which is the reason we had 9/11 to begin with, because they needed to physically grab the oil, mainly to keep it in the ground as long as possible, to back their Dollar hegemony. And to consolidate Zionism, or better: to set up the final clash of civilizations.

Much more can be added to the equation, but we can see that all sorts of Money Power outlets and stooges are working in the same direction. Bloomberg is clearly part of the greater scenario. The Dollar in its current form and with its current status is toast and with it the Federal Reserve. A new system is in the works. As one of the leading, highly connected, presstitutes on this issue, Ambrose Pritchard-Evans puts it: a new Gold Standard is being born. Nobody knows yet exactly what it will look like, but the dollar will play a much smaller role and several supra-national units, not unlike the Euro, will emerge. Perhaps with a fixed exchange rate managed by the IMF as portal to World Currency.

Of course, the Fed itself is completely irrelevant in all this. It’s just a vehicle for control of the money supply. Gold is about the most controlled stuff around, so the Money Power is always eager to use it as the tool of choice for their usurious plunder.

In fact, the previous Great Depression was caused by the reinstatement of the Gold Standard in 1925 and it seems likely that the weaponization of Gold as currency, to create even more deflation, is a key element of their strategy.

As we know, it’s not the vehicle (the Fed) that matters, or even the kind of money, be it gold or paper. What matters is who controls it. Whether he can tax it with interest or not. We simply cannot win without interest-free money.

All this ‘freedom of the press’,  ‘opposition’ and the ‘End the Fed’ movement certainly is a wonderful textbook case of Money Power control and implementation. Its fit with the greater picture is exemplary. They always have the sheeple call for what they have planned anyway. The greatest thing is that everybody is ‘awakened’. This is what Michael Hoffman calls the satanic mockery, ridiculing of us. In a sense, it’s even funny to watch, just imagine how these people behind all this must feel.

And as a final note: since Gold’s renewed lease of life as currency has been the main driver for its rise in the last decade, and since more and more major players are getting a hold of what’s theirs, it continues to look like a bull market.

Phoenix Rising, the Return of the Gold Standard
The US Empire is Not the Money Power!

  1. I believe that labor will be the new gold standard because there is not enough gold available to handle the transactions of 7 billion humans.

  2. The NWO is moving toward a cashless society – chips. Revelation 13 warns about it. They ruin the dollar so they can bring in the chips. Rev 13 says the antichrist will make everyone take a mark in their right hand or forehead, without which no man can buy or sell. Nick Rockefeller told filmmaker Aaron russo that their goal is to chip everyone, for control. Google nick rockfeller/aaron russo or see article
    Nick Rockefeller, microchips and the new world order
    I don’t see the problem with printing money from “thin air”.
    I speak as a prophet, not an economist.
    God creates everything out of thin air. He creates thinks supernaturally all the time. I have been a Christian since l990. God has provided for me supernaturally many times, for years. I have found money in my pocket that wasn’t there, on the ground in front of me, and he makes it disappear and re-appear. One time I went to the bank with 5000 in hundreds. I exchanged 500 in hundreds for 20s thinking I would use it to give it to people for bibles, on my way to nyc. I stepped away from the cashier and immediately found that he had replaced the hundreds so I now had the full 5000 in hundreds, in addition to 500 in 20s! He said “Keep it”. Then I thought “maybe I’ll give someone money for a lap top – like $300. immediately, $300 disappeared. I live in a weird reality. I pray continually, and my thoughts create things all the time. I am very telepathic; if I think near others, they read my thoughts. The proof of is this is if I sit near anyone ask God “should I go somewhere?” immediately anyone near me will get up and leave. They read my thoughts as theirs, apparently. This happens 100% of the time.

    Usury is sin in the bible. God created the jubilee to forgive debts every 7 years. That’s where the bankruptcy laws come from.
    I say the debt to the banksters who print the money at interest is all fake, and we should say WE’RE NOT PAYING. End of story. It’s illegitimate. They say we have to pay? Says WHO?

    This is analogous, to me, of when mental hospitals hold people involuntarily, which is kidnapping, and then have the gall to try to bill them for their alleged ‘treatment’ and the sheeple stupidly think they need to pay for this? Are they crazy? Who pays their kidnappers? It is ransom, nothing else. Same with the banksters.

    I realize the economic system has gotten way out of hand with all the derivative stuff which is gambling – and makes it hard for non economists to understand.

    Islamic banking doesn’t have usury. And they don’t invest in things they consider sinful like alcohol, pornography,etc. Seems to me Islam is being used to correct the west for their errors. Every cult has a purpose, really. They all have a ‘shtick’ which is the one idea they have to contribute to humanity, and their own error. Islam is a false religion ultimately since it denies Jesus is the Christ, but it is mixed, like everything else. Truth and lies. The devil infiltrates every political and spiritual movement with lies to corrupt and discredit it. It says in the bible that God allows the wheat and chaff to grow together, to be sifted at the end by the angels. This is the truth mixed with lies. It is up to each of us individually to try to discern what is true from what is false. Which is why we all need a relationship with God, and the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of truth which has been on earth for 2000 years since Jesus sent it from heaven.

    As far as economics, God’s economics are different than secular thinking. We are told to give freely as we are given freely, by Jesus. When we give to others, God gives to us, usually from somewhere else. I had a friend who told me that if she needed something, she would give something away, and God would replace it or multiply what we give. Companies that tithe to God are blessed by God. When we don’t tithe to God, he says we are robbing him, and we come under a curse and lose stuff. When we tithe God replaces and multiplies what we have, supernaturally,often, as he has done with me.

    There will always be barter available to people.

    Ron Paul is in my opinion a prophet of God He has been speaking the truth in congress for 20 years, to hold them accountable for all their lies. God always sends at least one prophetic witness, so he can hold people accountable later, and they can’t say later they weren’t warned to repent, or of danger.

    See my article
    Ron Paul should run for mayor of NYC

    It would be great theatre, and would force the mainstream news media to actually print the truth and not ignore Paul, for a change. It would give him a forum to hold the bankers accountable. After 20 years of screaming at the puppets in DC who are OWNED by Wall St, he should come to NYC and confront them directly. It sounds like Bloomberg has been doing some of the same thing. Interesting.

    Michael Bloomberg is named after the angel Michael, so he is called to be an angel for NYC. Often our names are a sign of the call on our lives. I am named after a prophetess in the Old Testament, who was a judge of Israel. I am a musician and in the old testament musicians were prophets. God has told me all musicians are called to serve him with their music. We are called to be prophets, intercessors and healers.

    See article
    Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God (unwittingly) and caused Hurricane Sandy

    Bloomberg formed a super pact to support gay marriage in other states. God responded by sending a super storm. The day after the election, when 4 states passed gay marriage laws, God sent a noreaster, as a second sign of his displeasure.

    The sins of wall st are also one of the reasons for God sending Hurricane sandy. God drowned all of lower manhattan, up to about 39th st
    I have been living in Midtown Manhattan over a year. God found me a doorway of a business to sit in, after hours, near the Grace Building which is at 42 st. The day of the Hurricane I asked God “Please keep the power on near me”. He said “stay by the Grace building”. I did. The power was on all around midtown, from 39th st. God answered my prayer. He said to me “Noah found grace in the eyes of the lord” and “testimony”. So I write to testify to the reality of God, and give prophetic messages to everyone that He wants me to share.

    see articles, free books at and

    A Foolproof test that proves God exists – an exercise that shows He is in your life

    Why NYC needs to elect another prophet as mayor – like Ed Koch

    How to be healed, saved & born again. Jesus heals.

    Ron Paul & the rebirth of America. Remember the Constitution, Remember God. Be Born again.

    God must be pulling his hair out in response to atheists.

    My friend Anthony,
    The main choice of the devil in misleading people is to mix lies with truth. Many if not most media and also alternative websites like the DB are experts in this strategy. This is what they do full time. A few articles that are true and sometimes contain groundbreaking information. This builds their credibility. “Stocks Over 14,000 – Too Good to Be True?” Sat, Feb 02,2013 on DB is an example of harmless truth. Now when you are disarmed and gullible will come the Austrian economics lie advising the ” gold standard solution ”
    The lie that the Devil told Eve worked just as he had planned. The Bible says: “Consequently the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was something to be longed for to the eyes, yes, the tree was desirable to look upon. So she began taking of its fruit and eating it. Afterward she gave some also to her husband when with her and he began eating it.” (Genesis 3:6) Eve believed Satan and disobeyed God. She was able to get Adam to break God’s law too. The Devil thus succeeded in setting the first human couple on a course of rebellion against God. Ever since then, Satan has exercised unseen influence over human affairs. His goal? To turn people away from worshipping the true God and gain their worship for himself. (Matthew 4:8, 9) With good reason, then, the Scriptures warn: “Keep your senses, be watchful. Your adversary, the Devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour someone.”—1 Peter 5:8.

  4. Nixon Scraypes permalink

    It’s very galling to watch the bankers swap one controlled system for another and people believing it to be reform. Mullins “Secrets of the Fed” wised me up to what was going on. Then I read “the Creature from Jekyll Island” hoping to broaden my knowledge. When he got on to bringing back the gold standard I thought oh no more to understand but it sounded so good .I bet a lot more people have read him than Eustace because he is much more politically correct and are fooled as I was.Anti–ism is such a potent weapon of mind control that left leaning people I know refuse to read books I tell them about that are reputed to be “anti”.I agree with what you say about gold, it’s obvious when you think about it logically,not in great lumps of dogma learned by rote from the banker’s paid up philosopher. You’re dead right,the Fed will be gradually discredited and monetary reform with the gold standard introduced by the wise,benevolent bankers and sheep may safely graze once more.

  5. Carl Jones permalink

    A very good summary. Does this mean that Max Keiser is a NWO shill, or is Max just calling it?

    Everything seems to be pointing to WW3, because I don`t see the West handing control to China and others.

    • I don’t know about Max. I like him, he’s got style and he’s sure no von Mises groupie. I don’t agree with many of his calls though.

    • Carl permalink

      I won’t judge Keiser, but when he calls for a Gold Standard he is talking about strangling society so he is calling for financial destruction. Only silver backed, debt free notes printed by the BOC or US gov/congress can prevent the chaos that a gold standard will cause.

    • I don’t think so. He just doesn’t know about Gesell or the the short-term thinking implicit in basic interest, but he seems very open. He often talks about bitcoin and has invited people that talked about Ripple (mutual credit) a couple of times. Here’s one

      • Yeah, that’s what I think too. It would be nice to see some interest free economics on Max Keiser.

        • Yes. I guess our best chance is someone like Bernard Lietaer. Max could be attracted by the “competition between currencies” implicit in his “money diversity” dialectic.

  6. This is what gesell said about paper money without demurrage (what we have today in every country):

    “A reform of this kind would be short-lived and would bring the possibility of the greatest fraud ever practised upon mankind. After such an attempt at reform the people, as in the past, would believe that their salvation lay in the gold standard and would clamour for its re-introduction.”

    This reform has lasted with Nixon and won’t last much longer. Is up to us to create alternatives to a global gold standard. I put my hopes on Freicoin (free-money cash) and Ripple (completely flexible mutual credit).

  7. Plato permalink

    I am not sure about a rebirth of a goldstandard.

    There are still a lot of other possiblities fot the moneypower.

    What about dollar-devaluation against the euro?

    You don’t need gold to create deflation it’s already there.

    • You’re right, of course Plato: it’s not a done deal.

      Also, Gold Standards come in many guises. They could also use a hybrid, with partly backed paper. Like I said: nobody knows what it’s going to look like exactly.

      But the example of 1925 is there and the trend of using Gold in international trade is unmistakable. Iran, for instance, accepts Gold for its oil since the sanctions.

      A dollar devaluation is most certainly inevitable. As the dollar loses its reserve function, trillions of dollars will be repatriated and useless. They will probably have to print even more to inflate the money supply and make the debts payable. This would bankrupt the Fed and may be the way its going to be dumped.

      FOFOA has some interesting stuff about the Euro being designed to be ultimately backed by Gold. The recent trend of nations wanting their physical gold back from New York certainly fits that agenda.

      The great thing about Gold is the impression that we are reforming and solving the problems. Austrians have managed to create confusion about our problem by claiming its inflation through money printing, instead of a crushing deflation, worsened by rising prices in the primary sector due to speculation (a combination known as stagflation (I know you know all this :-))

      • Plato permalink

        ”As the dollar loses its reserve function, trillions of dollars will be repatriated and useless. They will probably have to print even more to inflate the money supply and make the debts payable. This would bankrupt the Fed and may be the way its going to be dumped.”

        I do not see directly why dollar would lose it’s reserve function it is still a worldcurrency mainly because of the petrodollar.

        China started last september an oil exchange market in the yuan but it is still very small.

        I doubt if Public debt burden is a problem for Amerca or the Fed. It can be fixed by QE.

        Trade deficit is a lot lower thanks to the crisis.

        The bankingsystem is a private-system. The fed is still the biggest power structure in the world. The moneypower will not decrease the power of the fed if they have something else to increase.

        But the Yuan is also controlled by the Moneypower. So It is still difficult to predict many possibilities 🙂

        • “I do not see directly why dollar would lose it’s reserve function it is still a worldcurrency mainly because of the petrodollar.”

          This is the issue: American adventurism in the Middle East is driven by that and the other powers are resisting the American Empire (and in doing so are helping the Money Power, who of course also owns the American Empire (hope you are still with me)).

          It does not look good for the US in the Middle East, I don’t believe they’ll last another 10 years there, do you? Something’s got to give. Russia, Iran, China and a host of other, lesser powers are looking for ways to get rid of the US’s hegemony.

          You are right that the Fed can handle public debt. The question is: does it want to? It seems to me that the cards are stacked against the Empire: it has served its purpose (almost, anyway), in the sense that has conquered the planet for the Money Power. Now it’s more an obstacle than anything else towards the final solution: World Government.

          Clearly, they are not going to dump the Fed without an alternative. That alternative is likely to be Gold in the short run (although it’s better never to take anything for granted: these guys will fool me all the time, I have no problem to admit).

          The Euro, the rise of China and also the bolstering of Russia are all Money Power projects and a ‘multi polar’ world is very reminiscent of the orchestra of Europe, they directed since the Vienna Congress.

          • Plato permalink

            ”It does not look good for the US in the Middle East, I don’t believe they’ll last another 10 years there, do you? Something’s got to give. Russia, Iran, China and a host of other, lesser powers are looking for ways to get rid of the US’s hegemony.”

            Well the US and Great Brittain have a very good secret service. Libya was a succes for US/European Dollar/Euro oil-interests. Now the ”rebels” are succesfully fighting in Syria instead of US soldiers.

            Russia, China and Iran hate this and are indeed being built up against it (By the moneypower). I do not know that much about the Chinese army bu tI thought is was very powerfull at least in numbers of units.


            Only what China in the future have to do is to capture Afghanistan (their frontyard) to make their currency a bigger reserve currency.

            But the Chinese economy is still going strong and they are still building. The Chinese don’t need a war…yet.

      • marxbites permalink

        [The great thing about Gold is the impression that we are reforming and solving the problems. Austrians have managed to create confusion about our problem by claiming its inflation through money printing, instead of a crushing deflation, worsened by rising prices in the primary sector due to speculation (a combination known as stagflation (I know you know all this]

        ONLY the bubbles are deflating as they well should. Everything else like FOOD, healthcare & (dis)education are exploding.

        Inflation IS monetary expansion / currency devaluation – period.

        • Wages are down too. Would we be suffering from inflation (proper), wages would be going up. Prices are rising because of higher costs, speculation, etc. It’s a perfect storm of several trends. They have been building it for decades.

          • marxbites permalink

            Wages are NOT down from deflation. but they have been flat for decades from offshoring our manufacturing, exporting our inflation in exchange for cheaper labor made goods from China eg.

            Shylock via its western puppet govts is WHO put Russia and China into cold storage for the later exploitation of their resources in the first place. Rothschild already had oil land stakes in Baku even before WS bankrolled Trotsky, er, ahem… Bronstein. Same with England in Mosul before the war.

            Its my conclusion that almost all man made human suffering has been ultimately at the hands of shylock for hundreds of years once they ingratiated themselves upon the monarchs. indebting them, then bureaucratizing them and instituting tax regimes to pay the vig with.

          • marxbites permalink

            BTW, can’t you find ONE problem with Thorsten’s article yet?

      • marxbites permalink

        As far as I have learned, the Austrians are the ONLY ones that have managed to UNcomplicate the ruses of shylock’s transference of the people’s specie in criminal exchange for their fiat, and why its done and who disproportionately through the FORCE of “legal tender” actually benefits.

        FIAT and endless WARS are linked at the hips. Hence the FED just before WW1 it was designed to finance. A people’s tax supported debt vs shylock loaning his OWN capital to the monarchs whence their PONZI scheme took off.

        So Anthony, do you care to try to dispute Thorsten’s article whatsoever?

        • Same thing as always marxbites: it talks about ‘time preference’, to hide the real problem: usury.

          • marxbites permalink

            Lets get usury straight.

            If I loan you $100 I will be without for a period of time, I expect to be compensated for my opportunity costs.

            I am NOT forcing you to borrow, nor do I view the voluntary use of loansharks as usury.

            What I do view as immoral usury is when the banksters create their scrip from thin air and THEN tack on interest upon what was NEVER an asset, or represented a real asset, to begin with.

            Money for nothing, debt for the people and WITH compound interest by FORCE- there’s no volunteering to it, just pure aggression.

            Me loaning you money for a fee is MORAL because its a VOLUNTARY transaction and the debt is NOT forced upon you.

            Funny though how shylock only charges interest to the goyim, but NEVER between themselves.

            BTW, I could give a rats patoot what scripture says, for the pulpit has no less the record of using immoral force than any banksters or govts.

            HARM NO MAN, THEN DO AS YOU WILL is the ONLY MORAL, equal, just and NATURAL arrangement for human societies.

            Its exactly as we would be doing without ruling class parasites lording over us. AND we’d STILL be using universally accepted specie that privileges NO SPECIAL interests at the expense of the many.

          • marxbites permalink

            OOps you did re: time preference. I see.

            So then HOW can me voluntarily agreeing to finance with interest a vehicle I want NOW even be remotely immoral IF I do so with my eyes wide open?

  8. marxbites permalink

    Firstly, Ron Paul was robbed of his duly earned Iowa win. A win that would have given him the boost America’s FIRST primary historically has.

    Weed WAS a bad mistake, but that doesn’t make Paul a Bush criminal compatriot, in fact NO ONE BUT Ron Paul has criticized the last several regimes MORE.

    You MPE geniuses dont grasp just how stable the specie currency was as the chart well reveals.

    Pre-1800 to 1913 had about 8% inflation TOTAL.

    The only financial problems of the 19th C was banskters cheating then like they do now in spades. And when govt cronies allowed their fraudulent suspension of redemptions for specie – and several times at that.

    The next problem easily solved was bimetalism by restoring the silver monometalism PRESCRIBED in America’s constitution.

    Re: that the global gangster banksters have a disproportionate possession of the worlds gold supply merely means we need to repossess it from them. A reverse FDR.

    Or better yet use silver they DO NOT have vast hordes of.

    FYI – look up “The Silver Stealers” and LEARN some monetary history. It deals with the west getting its dupes like China & Phillipines off their silver and onto pig dollar. That had to be done first such as they also duped much of the Democrat party to go gold standard waving Republican party vs Wm Jennings Bryan inflationist silver. An inflation BTW that could never last.

    All the while America’s oligarchy had dirt cheap silver for its industry, photo (Kodak) & Manhattan project style.

    Thats why the cartel made new law to break the Hunts, the good guys actually.

    Also Ron Paul chose to run for office EXACTLY after Nixon’s pulling the dollar’s plug when he declared America bankrupt and unwilling to sell anymore of its depreciating pig dollars for gold at $35/oz.

    [And as a final note: since Gold’s renewed lease of life as currency has been the main driver for its rise in the last decade, and since more and more major players are getting a hold of what’s theirs, it continues to look like a bull market.]

    This is pure BS. Anyone who has studied money’s history KNOWS Au/Ag have ALWAYS been the LAST MAN standing vis the predatory fraud of paper money limitless printing.

    AND THATS why money came to being on the market over thousands of years. The ONLY problem with specie money is BANKSTERS trying to trade their crap paper for it.

    YUP the banksters indeed KNOW what REAL MONEY is do they not? Always have.

    • Marxbites, sure Paul was robbed in Iowa, and not only there either. He was robbed in 2008 too.

      And what did he do about it?

      He scolds his best supporters when they want to do something about it! ‘Let’s stay civil’ he said to them!

      Many of his best and brightest started to wake up then.

      When will you?

      • marxbites permalink

        Hogwash, RP is the perrenial gentleman that refused his entire career to sink to the scumbag levels of others.

        No one in this country is AGAINST the banksters debt money fiat with interest MORE than he in our lifetimes.

        Did you EVER once think that he may have been made an offer he couldn’t refuse?

        It’s not like all our assassinated presidents, or attempts, weren’t exactly the ones who despised the banks.

        Your chart is my wake up, but for bankster treachery, the 1800’s about 0.008% inflation per annum on specie stds,

        Did you look for the Silver Stealers?

        At LEAST we ALL hate the predatory shylock and his war money from thin air.

        And NO, the gold std does NOT imply usury.

        NOR is QE ANY KIND of remedy for snowballing global debt – you see when they print fiat from thin air, which equals debt PLUS interest [an exponential function] there is NO WAY QE can pay off debt faster than its created.

        Thats WHY NO FIAT in history has EVER Ever ever survived, its depreciation to ZERO is mathematically guaranteed and why specie is the only money choice of FREE peoples.

  9. Gold bugs lead the sheep to slaughter in the “paradise of usury”

    • marxbites permalink

      Silver bugs too?

      And what pray tell will you store value in Wayne when tyranny’s paper goes to zero like ALL paper is mathematically guaranteed to do?

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