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Do Not Take Usury! Do Not Speculate! Produce And Add To The Greater Whole!

by on June 11, 2021

Left: Girolamo Savonarola. They hanged him for resisting the Medici and the utterly corrupt Vatican, which they controlled.

In these latter days of the West and the American Empire, and the rise of the New Gold Standard, all the money grabbing looks more disgusting than ever. And we can’t even just blame the Bankers. Especially America has been obsessed with ‘the Stock Market’, and more recently ‘Bitcoin’.

But it’s a fool’s game. Not only are Usury and Speculation purely parasitical, taking without giving back, it’s a racket that by definition always will be won by the guys with the most money. It’s their plunder that will soon get consolidated in their World State.

Jeff Berwick recently posted this video:

The purpose of the below is not to pick a fight with Berwick, he gets a lot of things right, of course.

But the vid is indicative of the key sickness that is pervading the Patriot movement to this day: Love of Capitalism, and its unearned income. Its parasitism. The Usury, the Speculation, the Landlordism.

And Libertarianism/Austrian Economics. For years we’ve been waging war against it and its wicked Gold buggery and now, we’re just weeks away from the implementation of Basel III, which will end Gold Suppression and set the stage for the Gold Standard that is coming.

Berwick takes a dig at all the lies that the System has been feeding us, and he even promotes the Flat Earth. We’re not going to go into that. While fascinating, these things are not completely vital for our survival, as money is.

But lo and behold, Berwick laughs at ‘fiat money’, and promotes Ed Griffin’s nonsensical rip off of Eustace Mullins’ very important and ground breaking ‘Secrets Of The Federal Reserve’ book.

Ed Griffin is basically an ‘American treasure’, and he’s been ‘exposing Communism’ since the sixties or longer. The pic above is of this famous documentary.

But the fact of the matter is, that Griffin wrote ‘the creature of Jekyll Island’. Obscuring Mullins’ underground classic, which was written under the tutelage of the great Ezra Pound.

This is the 2012 article in which we exposed this treacherous book.

And now, the Gold Standard is coming, and it is actually being eagerly anticipated by many Patriots in America. But it’s going to play out exactly as we have predicted in the previous article: it’s going to be genocidal, and destroy what remains of America and the West.

The Greatest Depression is going to set the stage for the coming World Government, which is now only between five and ten years away.

And Ed Griffin, not to mention the rest of the Austrian scene, has a lot of explaining to do. Even after getting faced with the facts, (here also) he did not mend his ways. He kept promoting Gold, and in doing so, he has done as much to further the coming Communist World State as all the ‘progressives’. All the while playing the great ‘anti collectivist’.

Back in 2012, 2014, it was all just good fun. An intellectual debate. Or so it seemed. But as it is turning out now, it was all very real indeed.

The Right likes to complain about ‘degeneracy’. With this they mean the feminism, the migration, the trannyism.

But the greatest degeneracy is ‘making money with money’. Which is all about avoiding our duty to create a living for ourselves and our families with work. Men must till the soil. Practice their craft. Create goods and services for others, so that the women and children and the elderly may eat.

And under Capitalism producing stuff is for suckers. The ‘smart’ people work for banks and hedge funds, or play the landlord. Or buy bitcoin. The ‘smart people’ ‘make money with money’. In other words: they’re parasites. Walking away with their loot, without having ever produced anything of any value to anybody.

It’s Usury that finances all the skullduggery that we hate and rightly call ‘degeneracy’. Bankers finance all that to distract from their horrid plunder.

They’ve been doing this since the old days. When Usury restarted in post medieval Europe, in Italy, the Medici family started promoting porn.

It looked like this:

The Birth Of Venus, Botticelli

Nowadays this painting, ‘The Birth Of Venus’ by Botticelli, is viewed as a ‘great classic’, but when Florence started pushing back against the Medici and their Usury under the great Savonarola, Botticelli admitted his mistake, and recanted.

The fact of the matter is, Capitalism is the Revolutionary Force that inexorably leads to Communism. For two reasons.

In the first place, because it automatically centralizes all wealth. Under Usury, he with the most money, will enjoy the highest income. Most of the $12 Trillion we pay in Usury per year ends up with the richest few thousand families in the World, the old Plutocratic Families that are behind the New World Order.

And that is not counting associated income: speculation, ‘investing’ (buying up all corporations, land), Landlordism. Almost all production these days, created with the sweat of the toiling masses, is being sucked up with these devices.

Up to 90% of the production of the common man.

The second reason is that Communism next expertly uses the resentment the interest and wage slavery causes.

It’s already palpable: The Lockdown has much support from the bottom 50% of society. They’re happy to get a few bob to stay home. Or to be able to work from home. The ‘old normal’ sucked majorly for a great many people, and they’re going to take that Basic Income in a heart beat. And they’re going to be happy to see the middle classes burn.

All the hip people these days are of course atheists, and thus firm believers of the Scientism Religion.

We’re so profoundly programmed with this heinous nonsense, that even in the Truth Movement still many have difficulty facing that God obviously is quite real indeed. In fact, He is the only thing that is Real, all the Spirit’s ten thousand manifestations are mere shadows of the One that creates all and everything.

This is not ‘religion’, this is Reality. Observable Reality. Once you know the Spirit, it’s not about ‘belief’ anymore. It’s just a matter of fact.

If you cannot relate to this, then start searching. This is what Jesus had in mind when He said ‘Seek, and ye shall find’. If you can’t handle Christianity, which is understandable, then read the Dao De Jing. Start meditating. It worked for me, and for many others. And be warned, because the opposite is also true: “Do not seek, and ye shall not find.”

We all suffer from it. Men can’t bear their duty of obeying God, just as women can’t stand their duty of obeying their husbands.

But America is the last country in the West where God gets at least some respect. And they have still utterly betrayed Him. With their condoning of Capitalism. Usury.

And the fact of the matter is: he who takes Usury is at war with God. He who speculates will, when the Day comes, and it is coming quite quickly now, stand accused of ‘having the spoils of the poor in their houses’ (Isaiah 3:14).

And of course, it’s not just the Bible either. The Qur’an is similarly outspoken. As are the Vedic texts.

The Islamic texts predict that in the Final Days, the World will be awash in Usury, and that nobody will be able to escape it. The Bible also explicitly predicts that a disobedient People will fall into debt slavery.

And who can doubt that all this has come true?

With a $250 Trillion debt bubble, costing $12 Trillion per year to service? While this Debt is their asset position, the asset position that is the foundation of the Communist World Government that is now only years away?

The Usurers’ domination is so total, that the Debt and Usury are complete non-items, while they totally dominate everyone’s lives! We don’t even realize it!

It’s never too late get real. Never too late to repent and mend our ways. Better late than never.

To pretend that God is dead, that Capitalism is ‘good’, and that ‘only’ Communism is bad, that Usury and Speculation are bad when Bankers do it, but good when ‘normal guys’ like ourselves do it, that is what has gotten us where we are now.

The now manifesting World Government is Mammon’s Empire, and we all share in its wicked sins. With its social degeneracy, but above all its love of money.

In the coming years, Karma is going to be immediate and crushing. But forgiveness is real, and repentance its unavoidable, but minor prerequisite.

This is a warning from a friend: cease taking Usury and other unearned income, or prepare to pay the price.

No man can avoid the curse that he will eat with the sweat of toil on his brow.

The Scourge Of Usury
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  1. Gajzágó Gergő permalink

    It is a very basic human purpose or desire to be one. Because we are one. The world is one. All the ancient empires try to unify the world. And nowadays we continue this process: we united the economy of the world. And we will unify the laws, the language (remember tower of Babylon), etc.
    And of course, the financial system.
    And what will be the new financial system? Something new gold standard? Or the Bitcoin as a world currency connected to a lot of local crypto currencies? Or something else? I don’t know.
    Life is just a game. We come here, play a little bit, then go home. So relax, and enjoy the experiences you choose for yourself for this life.
    Of course, some evil men, evil forces try to break you and want to see you fall, but they are so pathetic because they don’t have any chance to win.
    When the evil forces will be one step from their victory then they will fail.
    So, keep your faith. Love everybody and be grateful!

  2. Hugo permalink

    About usury: It is, I think, difficult to see when something becomes usury.

    All your examples are fine on some scale:
    – Landlordism: Having someone pay you to use your property (e.g. farm) when you are too old to work is an ancient way to stay alive. And renting isn’t necessarily a bad thing either, especially for seasonal workers.
    – Speculation: Keeping wealth in any form is speculation that that form of wealth is more stable than other forms of wealth.
    – Investing: Someone should ‘own’ companies and create them, so to first order this isn’t bad either.
    – Lending: Even lending is not in itself a negative act. One person has capital that momentarily cannot be used and another person is willing to pay to get some capital right now, so they trade.

    On their own and on small scale, none of those four are intended as making money from nothing (or from money). Not even lending necessarily, e.g. when the payment reflects the risk of defaulting.

    Yet here we are, where all these things are problematic, even when most people have no intent to cause problems. So we need some more explicit guidance other than “don’t do those four things”. They serve a purpose.

    A universal basic income could perhaps provide a way to (partially) resolve all four above if done well. That is, if implemented as a National Dividend as you describe in

    – Landlordism: You are not required to actively/privately own property in order to stay alive.
    – Speculation: It is not absolutely necessary to maintain your individual wealth over many decades.
    – Investing: Everyone is effectively owning part of everything. (Replacing e.g. pension funds.)
    – Lending: There would be less risk for both parties. And less need for a unequal wealth distribution to start with.

    • I’m not looking to quibble here, because you make a very valid point. When do things become exploitative? When is it ‘reasonable’, when is it unearned income?

      – Landlordism: There will always be some renting. There is added value in it, when for instance someone wants to live in a place for only a year, and therefore buying is no use. In an interest-free economy, those rents will be very low, and they will reflect the real costs of the ‘landlord’, including maintaining the building. Which is fine.
      Currently Landlordism is just buying up property and making tenants bear the max price they can, it’s massively exploitative.

      – Speculation: saving and speculation are indeed related. There’s nothing wrong with saving for a rainy day, of course, that’s just good practice. And yes, it’s rational to look to save in something that maintains value, to avoid loss. But avoiding loss is not the same thing as looking to make a profit.

      – Investing: this is an interesting point: in the Medieval era a man could not have shares in a business that he was not directly involved in. Exactly to prevent ‘investment’. You could only take profit from a firm by joining in its endeavors with actual work. Allowing Capital to buy shares in firms is an invention of early Capitalism.

      – Most lending does not involve any risk. This is the simple truth. There is collateral, simple as that.
      Most normal business ventures will work out, and are risk free to the lender if they come with collateral.
      However, there will always be a market for high risk ventures, and they can be financed with risk/profit sharing ‘investment’ via brokerages.
      I’m not a fan, because it’s too much like betting and ‘investing’ for my taste, but at least one can see that there is ‘necessity’ in it.

      • Hugo permalink

        Thanks. I was not looking to quibble either, but trying to turn what you wrote into something pragmatic. We created our society such that it is hard to do the right thing, and all to easy to fall into the usury trap.

        So on the one hand it isn’t entirely fair to put the burden of this effort onto the shoulders of individuals, because they have little influence on how these systems were setup; but on the other hand, we can only change ourselves, so we need to work harder.

        It seems it is possible to summarize these points in that we should always have a clear view on what real value (to individuals, to society) our activities provide and whether these match the price that is payed for them.

        A note about negative interest / deflation w.r.t. investing / speculation / lending and providing real value. I found the following an interesting model of the history of interest. I’m not committed to it yet though.

        In the past (1500s – 1800s), interest could be high (irrespective of whether they should have been), because investments (windmill, steam engine, later tractors) would add such a large amount of extra value that a large amount of wealth could be extracted.

        Over time it became harder and harder to add real value through capital injections because all the low hanging fruit has been plucked. As in, we are able to fulfill all of our basic needs (at least it is not a technical problem anymore), the rest is ‘extra’. The return-on-investment in both monetary and real value becomes lower. So interests have to drop over time, because there is less to extract (and they have).

        At some point it becomes actually detrimental to society to invest more, to lend more, because the added real value to society becomes negative. E.g. destruction of nature, extinction of animals, loss of privacy, loss of attention, breaking up families, etc. At that point it would be beneficial (on average) to not invest / lend out money and instead just keep it (speculate). So interest rates should become negative.

        (Note that even with negative interest, money flows from poor to rich, because the interest rate will always be better for the rich than for the poor: it is the difference in interest that causes inequality to grow, not the value itself.)

        Related, at some point it becomes more ‘productive’ to give many/most/all people money ‘for free’ without having them work, because any ‘work’ they might do could actually have a negative impact on society. (I wonder whether this is already true now.)

        This does mean that things like negative interest and UBI are not necessarily bad. These instruments could be an (automatic) mechanism to enforce that investments and lending (and work in general) is only done to engage in projects that provide actual value to society. Thereby keeping things real, and, if done well, preventing usury.

  3. Hugo permalink

    A note about the religious aspect that might be hopeful.

    I don’t like the term ‘atheist’, because the ‘a’ in it is negative: atheists denounce god. ‘atheists’ say what they are not, instead of saying what they are. I prefer ‘humanist’, or better, just ‘human’. Renouncing religion and its teachings did indeed led to many of the current problems. However, this mistake is orthogonal to giving up on ‘god’.

    There is a positive way to see this transition. We went from many gods (polytheism) to one (monotheism) and the next step is zero gods (notheism?). These zero gods will have exactly the same power as the one god that proceeded it, similarly that this one god had the same power as the many gods. The teachings can stay mostly unchanged.

    This transition is already visible in the three Abrahamic religions. The god of Judaism is very ‘real’ and is actively involved in the world. Christianity has more focus on abstract concepts. Islam (as I understand it) takes this to the extreme and is for example very strict on depictions of god and creation itself.

    The atheist step is to make god an entirely abstract concept. Done well this strengthens god. E.g. stories like Job make more sense to me when god is abstract rather than concrete. To me, being an ‘atheist’ makes god more real and the stories more true.

    The ‘zero gods’ will behave the same as the one god before it, because it is effectively the exact same entity. The difference is that on the one hand it becomes easier to transcend the literal text and thus get closer to the essence of the stories, but on the other hand, it is also easier to be lead astray by over/under interpreting.

    The last hundreds of years have shown that we, as mankind, have not yet mastered this transition. Maybe we never will and kill ourselves before we manage. We must try though, because without progress like this we will also kill ourselves off.

    I’m always optimistic. We can and will resolve this dilemma. Especially with respect to this particular post. We will recognize that usury is bad and that we will regret it. And we, atheist and non-atheists alike, will use biblical texts as inspiration.

    • So from your ‘notheist’ perspective what’s the purpose of religion then? From a Christian perspective it sounds very collectivist and misses the most key point of Christianity…

    • Christanity’s Gods are too personalized in the minds of men, and that makes them unbelievable.

      But God is Spirit.

      The Logos, The Word, the Great Spirit that creates everything, and whose name is Jesus Christ, is a titanic Spirit that pervades all His Creation. Precedes all His manifestations, everything exists within Him.

      Yes, He has a personality, and relates to His children as a friend, but obviously it helps to keep a view of what we’re actually dealing with here.

      Our Father, who is not in Creation, but Transcendent, precedes the Word, speaks the Word, and is therefore even more impressive.

  4. ADAM mikail permalink

    Please check this video on GOLD: 👑 URGENT LETTER TO QUEEN ELIZABETH II from HM. KING TVM-LSM-666 !!!

    | | | | | |






    Thanks for the great analysis and hope you are always in goodhealth.

  5. stuzor permalink

    This is the first article of yours where I’ve seen you acknowledge Jesus as God! In your articles about the collapse of the bronze age it seemed like you were getting close. Since when have you become a Christian? I just got baptized myself (Russian Orthodox) this January along with my children. Great article man!

    • I’ve been a huge Jesus flunky for years!

      See the page on the right: “The Spiritual”.

      But I’ve always endeavored to defeat Usury from a theoretical and practical perspective primarily.

      Once in a while I can’t avoid paying my dues, though, and I kinda like playing the sulfur and brimstone preacher.

    • Also, I do sympathize people who hate religion because of the hypocrisy of ‘christians’ and especially the institutions.

      It’s infinitely better to be a gentle atheist who helps his brethren, than to be a bible thumper with a hard heart.

  6. john mcclay permalink

    Totally agree with you! Thanks for the very important content you’ve been putting out lately!


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